June 9, 2016
'Warcraft' After-Credits Scene: Will There Be An Extra Scene At The End Of The 'World Of Warcraft' Movie?

Fans who go to see Warcraft will want to know if there's a scene after the credits, and whether they have to stay all two hours and three minutes to see it all or if it's safe to leave early.

The end-credits scene is a growing tradition among movies, especially those that are part of an ongoing franchise. Filmmakers use these stingers as a way to introduce characters or elements from future installments. That was the case with this year's Deadpool movie, which used the after-credits scene to introduce the villain from the upcoming movie, Cable.

[WARNING: Potential Warcraft spoilers ahead]

So will there be an after-credits scene in Warcraft? The consensus seems to be no. Early viewers of the movie said that after waiting through the entire credits, there was no reward at the end. Media Stinger, which keeps track of all end-credit scenes for new releases, says there is no scene either during the credits or afterward.

While there may not be an end-credits scene in Warcraft, there could be some potential spoilers for a future sequel. Director Duncan Jones has been talking about a potential franchise that could be built from this initial movie, and given the popularity of the World of Warcraft game, there could be a big market for it.

The director told Man Made Movies that he looked at the movie as a chance to start building out the world that can be expanded in future movies.
"I know that my job in this first film is to establish certain characters, places and culture while telling a story that a broad audience can be excited by! Hopefully, if I have done my job right, people will want to know and see more! There is certainly plenty more to tell!"
There is already plenty of anticipation for the movie, which actually finished shooting in May 2014 and was in post-production for several months. It was originally scheduled for release back in March but pushed back to June.

It has already been popular overseas, including a huge opening in China. As Entertainment Weekly reported, that lucrative opening weekend could be a strong prelude to a sequel.

"Warcraft brought in the biggest Thursday gross ever (around $45 million) in China following a huge estimated $46 million opening on Wednesday, upping its total in the country to more than $90 million and counting. With more than 1.7 million likes on its official Facebook page, Warcraft also seems to be making a decent impact with its target demographic via their go-to medium: the internet."
The movie will likely have a built-in audience, as the game series is one of the most popular of all time. The series itself is now 22 years old, with the first movie being released in 1994. It took more than a decade for its popularity to really take off, with the 2004 release World of Warcraft ending up being the most popular video game of all time.

The game takes players on many different quests throughout the massive world. The movie will take on this world, showing a battle between humans and orcs after the orcs invade through a portal while escaping their dying planet.

Warcraft is expected to take in somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 million in its U.S. opening weekend, which would put it in a fight for second-place in the weekend box office behind likely leader The Conjuring 2.

So with no after-credits scene in Warcraft, fans who want to see more will have what looks to be quite a long wait until a sequel comes along.

[Image via Instagram/Warcraft]