June 9, 2016
Here Is What Tom Welling Could Look Like As Superman On 'Supergirl,' And The Realistic Possibility Of Him Appearing In The Cape

When it was announced that Supergirl was moving to The CW, fans got really excited because they at least knew that it would be back for Season 2. When it was revealed that Superman was confirmed to appear in Season 2, the excitement level went up about 200 notches. The whispers of who will play Superman keep getting louder, and now, many are wondering just what the realistic possibility of Tom Welling returning is and what he would look like as this new/old Superman.

Throughout Season 1 of Supergirl on CBS, there were teases of Superman making his way back to the small screen. Then, the first season ended and many feared that the show wouldn't return at all, but those fears were squashed when The CW took control of it.

As recently reported by Inquisitr, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg spilled the great news that Superman is going to make his debut in Season 2 of Supergirl and appear in the first two episodes.

"Greg [Berlanti], Ali [Adler] and I are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of 'Supergirl.' Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of the new season and we cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!"
This has led many to believe that Tom Welling could get back into the cape and take over the role. What would he look like? Would his suit be the one that was seen for such a short length of time on Smallville?

Well, the artists known as Boss Logic took it upon himself to give fans a look at what Tom Welling could look as Superman on Supergirl. It may be needless to say, but it's incredibly awesome.

This conceptual art poster for Season 2 of Supergirl is quite amazing and one that many fans wish was real. Everyone needs to realize, though, that this is just one person's view of things as no one has been cast in the role of Superman as of this writing.

Some names have been thrown around as to who could take the part and put the cape on to portray the cousin of Kara. In Season 1, there were numerous hints to Superman showing up and that included his boots, a shadow, and Kara sending him some texts.

Movie Pilot has taken on the task of analyzing the realistic possibility of Tom Welling heading back to television as Superman. It's quite true that the decade that Smallville was on the air had fans see the story and life of Clark Kent, not so much Superman.

Earlier this year, Welling finally spoke out on him playing Superman on Supergirl or in a cameo on The Flash, and he didn't necessarily say it would never happen.

It's already known that Superman is only appearing in the first two episodes of the next season of Supergirl. Sure, he will likely return for more in the future, but as of now, it's just a limited-time role. That could be right up Welling's alley.

The casting of Tom Welling as Superman would instantly bring more attention to Supergirl than anyone ever thought possible. Fans of Smallville, The Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow would freak out at this iconic character being brought to life as it was always meant to be.

tom welling superman supergirl season 2 spoilers
[Image via The CW]Comic Book Resources has revealed that Superman won't be the only newcomer in Season 2 of Supergirl. Lena Luthor (Lex's sister) is set to appear in National City along with a "brash leading man," The Doctor, Snapper Carr, and a detective named Maggie.

It's also now being reported that CBS has done away with Section 13, the new drama that Tom Welling was going to star in. Again, it may be needless to say, but this is going to free up a lot of his time that could be filled by putting on a red cape.

The second season of Supergirl is already shaping up to be huge with the mega-crossover event and confirmation of Superman's arrival. Tom Welling may never again be Clark Kent or Superman as he was for all those years on Smallville, but The CW may at least want to give it the slightest of looks. It's obvious that it would be a huge moment and bring in monster ratings as fans that Supergirl never even knew it had would tune in to watch.

[Image via The CW]