Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Working ‘Around the Clock’ to Address Problems

The launch of ArenaNet’s highly anticipated MMO Guild Wars 2 hasn’t exactly gone off without a hitch, to put it one way. There are a number of issues plaguing servers, and the servers themselves are so full that ArenaNet actually put digital sales on hold.

One of the more serious issues that players have been experiencing in Guild Wars 2 is group splitting. The game uses overflow servers to reduce the load on zones, but the major drawback right now is that these overflow servers can make sticking with your group problematic.

Don’t fret, however–ArenaNet is taking this and other issues related to social interaction and guilds very seriously. Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien had this to say:

“What that is, is there are a few different root causes, and we’re learning about things that are causing that one by one. We have been fixing each of those day after day after day, fixing more things. What you’re seeing is, day after day after day, the incidents of this are getting lower and lower. We’re just basically keeping working to minimise, minimise, minimise,”

Sadly, there’s no ETA on just when ArenaNet will be able to address these and similar problems, but O’Brien says that the team is working “around the clock” to have these issues sorted out as soon as possible.

“We’re working around the clock to address this stuff. I mean literally – I’m talking to you with very little sleep right now. Each day we hope we’re addressing the last few things. I think we’re very close, but things could come up – I can’t make promises.”