June 9, 2016
Rachel Maddow Show To Host Elizabeth Warren’s Clinton Endorsement

Rachel Maddow is no stranger to politics, especially on her MSNBC show. But when her show becomes a platform for a major announcement, there is a good chance the ratings could shoot through the roof.

There has long been a rumor floating around that Elizabeth Warren will be endorsing Hillary Clinton soon. Elizabeth Warren is the darling senator from Massachusetts that the entire country just loves to follow. She firmly crusades for the middle and lower-class and has made it her mission in the senate to make sure that working-class Americans receive a fair shake and do not get trampled on by the one percent.

That is why many, including Rachel Maddow herself, had long believed that Elizabeth Warren is more closely aligned with Bernie Sanders' major platform criteria. But Warren has held off making any endorsements throughout the primary race because she is the secret weapon for the Democratic Party, which is attempting to shore up support for the efforts to deny Donald Trump the White House.

But now that the tide has turned in favor of Hillary Clinton, the Boston Globe reports that Elizabeth Warren will be endorsing Hillary Clinton tonight on the Rachel Maddow Show. This comes from an adviser to Elizabeth Warren that has firsthand knowledge of what Warren intends to talk about with Rachel Maddow tonight.

What has been clear for months now is that Rachel Maddow is a firm supporter of Hillary Clinton, who has appeared on Maddow's show on several occasions and the two women have always been somewhat smitten with each other.

Although Rachel Maddow has been a firm supporter of Clinton over the years, she has not shied away from asking her the tough questions. Those questions include Maddow asking her about her emails, Benghazi, her history during the civil rights era, and other hot button topics. But Rachel Maddow did not quite grill her like other media outlets did.

Even though Elizabeth Warren has remained mostly quiet during the Democratic primary season, most fans had taken her silence as an indication that she is still in full support of Bernie Sanders. But Elizabeth Warren also has an agenda on her mind to beat Donald Trump in November, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that she will be making her endorsement of Clinton on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Rachel Maddow draws in a largely unique liberal audience and if Elizabeth Warren wants to speak to the base, then she can get straight through to them by going on Maddow's show and telling them where she stands on the presidential race.

Those who will be tuning in to the Rachel Maddow Show may also get to see Maddow grill Elizabeth Warren about whether or not she has been vetted as a possible running mate with Clinton. There is probably good reason to believe that Rachel Maddow will try to get a good response out of Warren as to whether or not she will even be interested in running on the ticket, given the deep divisions in the Democratic Party.

Rachel Maddow may even be able to squeeze a little bit of information out of Elizabeth Warren about how she plans to take on Donald Trump from the sidelines. Of course, there is little to no doubt that even though Warren will be on Rachel Maddow's show to endorse Clinton as the headline, she will be steadfast in her criticism of Donald Trump and his rhetoric.

That is also something Rachel Maddow herself has featured on her show quite often as well. But tonight will be all about Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow, and Hillary Clinton in a historic moment.

[Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for AWXII]