‘Big Brother’ Season 18 Rumors: Will This Be Another Coach Season?

Big Brother Season 18 is getting ready to begin in just under two weeks. Fans have been waiting for the reality show to return for months, and it looks like it is going to be a season filled with twists and old favorites. Rumors have been circulating for months about the cast and events, much of which has been overlooked as wishful thinking. As the time draws near to announce the Big Brother cast for Season 18, more information is being leaked. Right now there are plenty of possibilities, and fans have been weighing in with all of the reports circulating around social media.

As it turns out, Big Brother may actually be a coach season once again. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Big Brother 17 player Vanessa Rousso may be headed back into the house to coach the new players this season. While she won’t be alone, she will likely be the most controversial returning player. There was a lot of hatred directed at her last season on Big Brother, and it could cause a decline in ratings this season. Rumors indicate four coaches will be entering the house alongside 12 new players. The coaches would be from Big Brother Season 14, 16, and 17. There has been no confirmation if this is indeed how things will be played out, but Frankie Grande is another name being tossed around as a possible coach. If that is the case, there will be plenty of fans happy about at least one of the choices. As of now, the reports indicate that two females and two males will be the coaches, but it is unclear if the rules will be the same as they were when Big Brother tried this initially.

Along with the rumors of four familiar Big Brother players, there is some talk of the “Battle of the Block” being put back into play. This was something new for Season 17, but it just wasn’t a popular idea. It was a competition that was too easy to throw, which led to a lot of bickering among the players and a lot of upset viewers. Initially, there was a lot of excitement about it, but once Big Brother fans watched it played out on television, it just wasn’t everything they had hoped it would be. If it is indeed brought back, CBS may be losing some viewers.

The entire cast of Big Brother Season 18 will be announced Monday, and it will include any returning players. That day will also host interviews with the incoming players that will be hosted by former Big Brother player Jeff Schroeder. The season will officially kick off on Wednesday, June 22. This will include a two-hour premiere, which is longer than it usually is. Speculation is that competitions will be played or new twists will be revealed. There is plenty to be looking forward to, especially if the network has fun and exciting things up their sleeves. Big Brother fans have been waiting for several months for Season 18 to return, and there are high hopes this season will erase the pain of some of the recent seasons that have let fans down.

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A lot of buzz has been happening surrounding the idea that Vanessa Rousso is returning to the Big Brother house. While she may not be a fan-favorite, her gameplay for Season 17 allowed her to progress each week through the house until the final weeks. Rumors will continue to circulate throughout the weekend until the full cast is revealed. As of now, it appears Big Brother 18 will host 12 new players with four more returning players in a coach capacity.

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