Torchlight II Finally Has A Release Date

After a series of delays, Runic Games has finally announced that Torchlight II has a release date. Even better, the release date is not that far off.

At PAX Prime this weekend, Runic Games announced that Torchlight II is scheduled to release September 20, which is right on time to hit the developer’s targeted “late summer” release date we heard about previously.

“We worked incredibly hard to make sure we could release Torchlight II before Summer’s official end,” said Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer. “Development will continue right up until we ship, and we couldn’t be happier to be putting the finishing touches on a great game. We want to get it to the fans as quickly as possible. Honestly, we can’t wait.”

Torchlight II is being developed by much of the same team that worked on the first two Diablo games. The first game was akin to the original Diablo in that the game revolved around a single town and a single dungeon, but Torchlight II is more like Diablo II–there are many towns, many environments and quite a few dungeons to plow through.

While the first game received near universal praise, if there was one complaint to be had it was a lack of any form of multiplayer. Fortunately, that’s not a concern in Torchlight II–you’ll be able to play co-operatively online, or through LAN.

Considering that the game is only selling for $20, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value, especially if you’re a fan of the hack-‘n’-slash genre. Torchlight II has just about everything that Diablo III has, but it’s significantly cheaper.

Do you plan on picking up Torchlight II?