School Valedictorian — Campaign-Ruining Secret For Trump

Texas high school valedictorian Larissa Martinez reveals a huge secret during her graduation speech, and it’s a Trump stomper.

Just when her classmates and teachers thought they knew her, Larissa Martinez — class valedictorian — dropped an enormous secret at McKinney Boyd High School’s graduation ceremony.

People, this is how you break the news to someone — after you succeed.

According to WFAA-8 News, valedictorian Martinez had her wits about her and carefully crafted her graduation speech. The source notes that Larissa spent meticulous hours organizing her words exactly the way she wanted.

It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment idea the school’s valedictorian decided as a great publicity stunt or senior prank. In preparation, the valedictorian read it aloud to her family — understanding potential dangers that could present themselves. Regardless, Larissa Martinez mentioned that a part of her felt as though she was meant to do this.

On graduation day, the valedictorian took the stage for her speech.

When Martinez revealed her secret, it proved against many accusations presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump has made concerning illegal or undocumented immigrants.

McKinney Boyd High School’s 2016 valedictorian — with a 4.95 GPA and having surpassed 17 advanced placement courses — is an undocumented immigrant.

Is that not a game-changer? Essentially, Larissa took hold of the “American Dream” and held on tight, without American credentials, proving further that the dream is achievable for anyone who has the desire and capacity.

You can watch valedictorian Larissa Martinez’s announcement in the video below.

The valedictorian stated, “America can be great again without the construction of a wall built on hatred and prejudice.” Larissa Martinez is an example of what America is supposed to be, what it’s supposed to represent.

However, when you thought it couldn’t get better, here’s the kicker.

Not only did this undocumented valedictorian receive the school’s top student title, but she also has been admitted into Yale University. Martinez starts this fall on a full scholarship, in her career path to neurology — specifically, as a neurosurgeon.

What was everyone’s reaction to the undocumented valedictorian’s news?

Larissa Martinez received a standing ovation from her class as well as the staff. As aforementioned, the valedictorian’s delivery was planned. She was sincere and open with everyone. Most of all, she was humble — and so were others who realized that she was living the “American Dream.”

The valedictorian came to the United States with only luggage and a dream.

According to sources, in 2010, Larissa and her family came to America on travel visas with only the luggage they brought for the trip. Once here, they applied for citizenship. However, practically seven years later, they are still awaiting response concerning documentation.

Here’s where things get messy.

Martinez’s courageous yet humble act possibly encouraged other undocumented students with high honors to step forth and announce themselves. However, they didn’t do it with the same tact as valedictorian Larissa.

So, backlash has started for some others.

According to People, another Texas valedictorian, Mayte Lara of Crockett High School, boasted similar accomplishments via Twitter. Yet, the “humble” element seemed missing. While she obviously worked hard for her grades, awards, and financial aid, social trolls took to the valedictorian head-first. Unfortunately, something much worse could be ahead.

Due to the significant amount of backlash this valedictorian received, she deactivated her Twitter account. And the source notes that she mentions never returning to the social platform.

This valedictorian has received several threats, ranging from petitioning that her financial aid be taken away to full-on deportation.

But did she mean her tweet as it was perceived?

The valedictorian gave a statement saying, “I just want everyone to understand that my tweet wasn’t made to mock anyone. I just wanted to show that no matter what barriers you have in front of you, you can still succeed.”

Essentially, valedictorian Larissa Martinez spoke on the same message as Lara, in the week prior. However, Martinez planned ahead with a consoling speech regarding everyone helping each other to be better.

Yet, while valedictorian Lara may have meant well and thought she was giving an encouraging word to everyone, some people caught offense.

Does that excuse the backlashers?

No, their threats and “promises” toward the undocumented student were assuredly unruly. People tend to forget how fast situations can escalate online. Imagine if complete strangers were collectively threatening you or your family — strangers local, regional, and national. How would you feel?

The way you’d feel about your family in that scenario is the same way this valedictorian feels, all from a simple tweet.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding undocumented valedictorian Larissa Martinez? Feel free to share your response in the comments section below.

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