June 9, 2016
President Obama Formally Endorses Hillary Clinton, Praises Bernie Sanders

President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton today, releasing a video pronouncing that "he is with her." The announcement did not come as a big surprise, as it has been expected that Obama would endorse Clinton, but he waited to take the step so that he did not influence the primary contests. Although President Obama made the decision on Monday to formally announce his endorsement, he waited until after he had a chance to meet with Bernie Sanders before going ahead.

President Obama took his announcement one step further, calling on Democrats to unite behind Clinton, while also praising the campaign that her opponent Bernie Sanders has run. Addressing the people who say that the hard-fought race between Clinton and Senator Sanders has divided the party, Obama pointed out that the same thing was said after his own campaign against Clinton yet they worked well together. Obama said he thanked Senator Sanders for his commitment to shining a spotlight on important issues like economic inequality and money in the political process.

In the video, Obama went on to say that he is fired up and cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Secretary Clinton, and he also said that he believes that there has never been anyone more qualified to hold the office of President of the United States. Secretary Clinton responded to Obama's endorsement on her Twitter page saying that she was honored to have him with her and she was fired up and ready to go.

While President Obama tried to maintain impartiality during the primary season, in his final White House Correspondent's Dinner speech, Obama joked that this time next year someone else would be standing there in his place and it was anyone's guess who "she" would be.

President Obama is not the only big name to come out in support of Clinton today. In an interview tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Elizabeth Warren will be announcing that she is also endorsing Secretary Clinton, according to one of her staffers. Warren has been very vocal about attacking the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party Donald Trump, and it has led to a lot of speculation about a possible Clinton/Warren ticket going in to November. An all-female ticket would certainly be historic; however, according to a Warren associate, she is concerned that an all-women ticket may not put the Democrats in the best possible position to beat Trump.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren [Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]
Sen. Elizabeth Warren [Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]Mrs. Clinton ranks almost as low as Mr. Trump when it comes to likability, so there is no question that she will need to bring on a VP candidate that has much higher approval ratings. While Warren certainly brings that to the table, Clinton has repeatedly said that she has not chosen a VP yet. She did, however, say that she has the highest respect for Senator Warren and she has no doubt that she is qualified to be VP.

Donald Trump was quick to respond to President Obama's endorsement with his own tweet. Secretary Clinton replied and encouraged him to delete his Twitter account.

President Obama will immediately be hitting the trail with Secretary Clinton, with the first stop next Wednesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Although that is the only stop currently scheduled, it is expected that Obama will join Clinton on the campaign trail many times between now and November.

[Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh-Pool/Getty Images]