June 9, 2016
Brock Turner, Stanford Rapist, Allegedly Lied About History Of Drinking And Drug Use

Convicted rapist Brock Turner, who made headlines due to his light six-month sentence behind bars, allegedly lied to police officials about his history of alcohol or drug use.

Brock Turner was found in 2015 by two bicyclists raping a girl behind a dumpster after a college party. His defense is that the girl in question, who was unconscious at the time, gave consent by rubbing his back. The defendant was black-out drunk and had no idea what happened to her. She found out in great detail once she read a news report, which also listed Turner's swimming times at the bottom.

Now, we've learned that Turner might have lied to authorities about his history with alcohol and drug use. According to CBS News, Turner claimed that he was "an inexperienced drinker and partygoer," but according to reports, text messages and photos that were seized from Brock Turner's cell phone paint a different picture.

Prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci told the Mercury News that the phone "pointed to Turner using alcohol in drugs while still in high school – long before the January 2015 assault."

As for the text messages, they revealed that Turner might have wanted to experiment with drugs.

"The text messages also referenced doing acid or trying to find a 'hook up' to purchase acid both in high school and while at Stanford."

In addition, there was a 2014 video, one month before the rape, of Brock Turner smoking a bong and drinking from a bottle of alcohol. In his series of texts, he's said to have inquired about buying and sharing marijuana back in 2014.

Another text referred to Brock "raging," which is slang for drinking. He admits that he drank for "like an hour and a half."

The news of the rape made headlines due to Brock Turner's light sentence, especially considering that the prosecutor asked for six years in jail. Judge Aaron Persky is currently under fire for the ruling.

Persky said that Turner had "less moral culpability" and showed "no significant record of prior criminal offenses," but what really has some individuals up in arms is Persky pointing out that prison would be an impact on his life without even mentioning the kind of impact the victim's life has had since the assault.

"A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others. I take him at his word that subjectively that's his version of his events.... I'm not convinced that his lack of complete acquiescence to the verdict should count against him."

The victim wrote an emotional and thought-provoking letter to Brock, which was a statement specifically for the courtroom. The 7,244-word letter went viral and many were captured by the story due to her retelling coupled with the light sentence.

In an excerpt, the victim writes, "You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today. The damage is done; no one can undo it."

A petition on Change.org demanding the judge's removal now has 81,000 signatures. The petition states as follows.

"Despite a unanimous guilty verdict, three felony convictions, the objections of 250 Stanford students, Jeff Rosen the district attorney for Santa Clara, as well as the deputy district attorney who likened Turner to " a predator searching for prey" Judge Persky allowed the lenient sentence suggested by the probation department. Turner has shown no remorse and plans to attempt to overturn his conviction. Judge Persky failed to see that the fact that Brock Turner is a white male star athlete at a prestigious university does not entitle him to leniency."

[Photo by Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office & Santa Clara County Sheriff, File/AP Images]