June 9, 2016
'The Conjuring 2' After-Credits Scene: Is There A Hidden Scene At The End Of The Horror Sequel?

Fans who see The Conjuring 2 are anxious to find out if there is an after-credits scene that could offer a potential spoiler or even a teaser for a possible third installation in the horror series.

The end-credits scene, which, for those out of the loop, is a scene hidden after all the credits have finished, has become something of an expectation in many movie franchises. Made most popular in the comic book and superhero genre, these scenes reward moviegoers who are willing to stay to the bitter end and often gives a glimpse of future installations.

[Warning: Potential The Conjuring 2 spoilers ahead]

Is there an after-credits scene in The Conjuring 2? The answer is yes and no.

Media Stinger, a site that compiles a list of after-credits scenes for all new releases, reported that The Conjuring 2 has a scene during the credits that show some behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast and the real-life characters they portrayed. But there is no scene after all the credits in The Conjuring 2.

But even without an after-credits scene, there may still be some spoilers leading to a potential third movie in the series. After the popularity of the first Conjuring movie and predictions that The Conjuring 2 will win the box office during the June 10 weekend, there are already rumblings that a third movie is on the way.
At its premiere in Hollywood, the movie's stars and director were open about their willingness to add a third installation. As Variety noted, there was plenty of support for another movie, and screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes said they already have the story in mind for the third film.

"Director James Wan was a bit more coy — 'It depends on what happens this weekend' — but conceded that the source of the franchise could be mined from the true stories of paranormal investigators Ed and 86-year-old Lorraine Warren, who received multiple hugs and kisses on the red carpet.

"'There could be many more movies because the Warrens have so many stories,' a beaming Wan said of the possibility of more 'Conjuring' sequels."

After the first movie grossed more than $318 million worldwide, there is plenty of anticipation for The Conjuring 2. This newest movie follows Ed and Lorraine Warren to North London as they investigate an evil spirit haunting a single mother.

Director James Wan recently told Uproxx that he wanted to come back with a fresh story, not a re-hash of the first movie.

"I didn't want to make a movie that felt like I was repeating myself from the first movie," Wan says. "I really wanted to branch out and do something different."

Wan added that there are some religious undertones, as faith is an important aspect of the Warren couple, but said it won't be beating viewers over the head.

"Believe me, I definitely do not want to make a preachy movie at all. You know, faith is such a big part of who the Warrens are, so it's not something I can sidestep. So I decided to wholeheartedly embrace it. It's what they use to combat the things that they do. So I wanted to treat it as a character point of who they are – and that's all it is. And it was something I was very mindful of: I don't want it to be a commentary on religion, it's just another part of the storytelling."

With a running time of nearly two hours and 15 minutes, the lack of an after-credits scene in The Conjuring 2 will save viewers a bit of time, but those looking to see more from the series may not have long to wait. It sounds as if plans for a third movie are already moving ahead.

[Image via The Conjuring 2/Instagram]