Jules And John Stewart, Kristen Stewart’s Parents, Now Divorcing

Jules and John Stewart, parents of embattled actress Kristen Stewart, are themselves now divorcing.

Though the star’s parents have been married for 27 years, it was recently revealed that Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules has filed for divorce from John. The divorce papers were filed August 17 in Los Angeles, exactly a month after Kristen Stewart was photographed kissing married director Rupert Sanders, the Daily Mail reported.

The incident has since blown up, leading to a rush of media coverage on the notoriously media-shy Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The incident led a public apology from Kristen Stewart, though it was not enough as Robert Pattinson has since moved out of the home the stars once shared.

The latest incident will likely be hard on Kristen and her brothers, Cameron Stewart and Taylor Stewart, who is adopted.

The other marriage that Kristen Stewart is connected to also appears on the rocks. Rupert Sanders, director of her latest film Snow White and the Huntsman, is reportedly trying to win back his wife Liberty Ross after his fling with Stewart. But his efforts appear not to be working, as the former Vogue model has been seen in public without her wedding ring.

Though the timing may have coincided with Kristen Stewart’s infidelity, her parents’ divorce does not appear to be connected to the incident. In her divorce filing, Jules Stewart noted that she has been separated from her husband since June 15, 2010.

Jules Stewart, who is originally from Queensland, Australia, is going ahead without a lawyer in the divorce from John Stewart, TMZ reported. She has cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Both Jules Stewart and John Stewart work in film production. Jules is a writer and director and has worked for Fox while John is a television producer and stage manager.