June 9, 2016
Election 2016: Sanders To Back Clinton If She Is The Nominee: Senator Says Presidential Bid Is Not Over But Stopping Trump More Important [WATCH]

Although he isn't dropping out quite yet, Bernie Sanders claims that he will nevertheless back his rival, the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. His vow to back Clinton comes after a staunch endorsement from current POTUS, Barack Obama.
Sources claim that he will even begin campaigning with Hillary Clinton.
According to Mother Jones, Sanders met with Obama at the White House on Thursday, before making the announcement that he "will do everything in his power" to defeat Donald Trump; even if that means backing Hillary Clinton.

Sanders spoke with reporters outside of the White House.

"I look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and create a government which represents all of us and not just the one percent. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure Donald Trump does not become President of the United States."
Sanders did not outright say that he is endorsing Hillary, which might have indicated that he has effectively dropped out entirely. Rather he is vowing to ultimately have her back to ensure Trump does not win.

Sanders still considers himself in the running to defeat Hillary for the Democratic nomination, despite top party officials calling for him to step down and use his maverick energy to unite the party against Trump by backing Hillary.

Hillary Clinton surpassed the 2,283 delegates needed to grant her the nomination over Bernie Sanders on Tuesday. This made her the first woman in American political history to be a major party's nominee for president.

Sanders noted that the American People will never support a candidate whose campaign is fueled by racism and bigotry, referring to Trump.

Sanders has always been very outspoken about his opinions on Trump and his desire to stop his candidacy for the White House, but the Vermont Senator also states that this resistance shouldn't solely be about resisting the business mogul for Democrats.

"Our mission is more than just defeating Trump. It is transforming our country. People want something to vote for rather than just against."


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According to The Hill, DNC Chair Howard Dean explained that Sanders' meeting with the president was a well needed "wake-up-call" for the Vermont senator, warning he could potentially spoil the 2016 election if he does not promptly back Hillary Clinton.

"This is a critical juncture, which I'm not sure he has yet understood. How he leaves this race and what he does afterward matters a lot," Dean said on a simulcast between Mic and The Economist.

"He could end up being the next Ralph Nader, who deprives the Democrats of the Congress and ends up electing, well I don't know what to call Donald Trump but certainly nothing flattering. If he sustains his movement, as we did in our campaign, he could be very successful in changing the course of American politics."
Dean, also a Vermont politician, claims that Sanders is in denial about the race being over for him, and the right thing for Sanders to do now is drop-out and back Hillary.
"I think he's struggling... the race is over, he hasn't acted like it. The sooner he comes to grips on what he's going to do between now and November, we'll find out what his legacy will be."
What to you think of Sanders vowing to back Hillary? Is the race truly over for him?

[Photo by Allison Shelley via Getty Images]