Watch ‘Gangnam Style,’ Oregon Duck Style [Video]

The Oregon Duck goes Gangnam.

“Gangnam Style,” the music video by South Korean Rapper Psy (Park Jae-sang), has logged nearly 85 million YouTube hits and counting.

Just in time for the college football season, the viral and addictive video by Psy, 34, has inspired this parody featuring the Oregon Duck and the University of Oregon cheerleaders. The video starring the University of Oregon’s mascot was apparently shot with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. One oddity that you’ll notice is that the word “sexy” is for some reason apparently censored from the “sexy lady” refrain in the original Korean soundtrack.

The Oregon Ducks powerhouse football team plays in the Pac-12 Conference and is ranked 5th in the country in several preseason polls.

Gangnam referenced in the title of the Psy video is one of Seoul’s trendiest neighborhoods something like Beverly Hills, California. As Time previously explained, “Much of the video features PSY riding an invisible horse through the streets of the Seoul’s Gangnam district, which gives you a pretty good sense of the clip’s tongue-in-cheek vibe.” The Wall Street Journal added that “On ‘Gangnam Style,’ Psy raps about the ideal girlfriend – one who is a smart and conscientious during the day and sexy and fun at night.”

There is also an as-yet unconfirmed rumor that Justin Bieber will record his own version of “Gangnam Style.”

Watch the Oregon Duck “Gangnam Style” parody:

Here is Taiwan CGI studio Next Media Animation’s take on the Justin Bieber “Gangnam Style” remake rumor: