Robert Pattinson, A Pencil, A Sketch And The Homeless: Raising Arizona

Page Mackinley

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the name Robert Pattinson? Adored movie star, actor, musician, heartthrob? Well, now there's one more item to add to that list: He can also draw --- rather well, in fact.

About eight weeks ago Pattinson contributed a hand-drawn sketch to the "Home Plate Project," an Arizona based group of fundraisers who work within the local community, with a specific focus on the homeless this year.

The project is actually part of the "D-backs Give Back League," a non-profit program run by employees of Phoenix's major league baseball team, The Arizona Diamondbacks.

So how did Robert Pattinson become part of this story?

Tim Emory, one of the organizers of the "Home Plate Project" and co- head of "Circling for Success," the team that came up with the fundraiser drive for the homeless explains:

"Robert heard about us through his assistant Jeff [last name omitted by request.] Jeff grew up with Cory Parsons, a key member of the Home Plate Project team." [along with Luis Calderon.]
"[He was] really excited to create something to help the project," Emory says.

Other sketch-on-a-plate contributors include: NBC TV host Jay Leno, retired major league outfielder Luis Gonzalez (who played for the Arizona Diamondbacks from 1999-2006), blind, mural artist David Tineo, Darius Rucker of Hootie and The Blowfish, The Harlem Globetrotters, and a plate from Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall's family.

Bidding began on July 20 and finished midnight, August 31. In a phone call, Emory said the first bid for Pattinson's plate began at $ 150. But after Robsessed --- a Robert Pattinson fan site --- started publicizing the auction, that figure jumped to $ 1,500 within three hours.

Then, things got crazy.

"Bids came in from all over," says Emory. "There was a worldwide response due to Robert Pattinson's participation. It's really what got us all the attention and helped us raise all this money."

A whopping $ 6, 400. No word on who bought it yet, but with a signed photograph of the actor as part of the package it's doubtful they'll be eating off it. Unsurprisingly, Pattinson's sketch was "by far" the highest bid says Emory, zooming past the $ 3000 to $ 5000 in a matter of weeks before frantic bidding at the end.

In total the "Home Plate Project" raised over $ 50,000, with some of the money coming from the auction and the rest given by Arizona residents. Astounded by the amount, Emory's overwhelming reaction was gratitude.

"I'm humbled and excited by how much the [Arizona] community have embraced the project. They not only donated money and services, but their time," he said.

"The fact that a superstar like Robert Pattinson was willing to take the time to do a personal sketch is amazing," says Emory. "It took us from a good little project to something that raised over $ 50, 000."

Asked if Pattinson was aware of the success of the fundraiser and how much his "Unfinished City" plate went for, Emory said the actor was told when the bid hit $ 3000 and that today his assistant (Jeff) texted Pattinson the final, stonker bid. Check out these links for more information about the "Home Plate Project" and Ozanam Manor.

Impressive doesn't begin to cover it.


The total raise is now $54,650.That could still rise to $60,000. The "Home Plate Project" is grateful for any continued support.

Update as of Oct 1

The total raise has now reached over $ 60, 000. More donations have poured in directly due to Pattinson's involvement with the project. The 'Home Plate Project' team have begun major renovation work at Ozanam Manor and are working in partnership with Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies.

Robert Pattinson is currently starring in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis at these U.S theaters