June 9, 2016
Bethenny Frankel Shares Snap Of LuAnn De Lesseps' Fiance Next To Ramona Singer On 'RHONY' Season 1

It seems that long-time viewers of The Real Housewives of New York City have seen LuAnn de Lesseps' fiance, Tom D'Agostino Jr., on the show before. On Thursday, a viewer tweeted to Bethenny Frankel a snapshot of a scene from the first season of The Real Housewives of New York City. The scene shows LuAnn's now-fiancé, with a drink in his hand, standing next to Ramona Singer and another woman.

The viewer wrote that Tom was "baiting" for a housewife. Several people commented that Tom is the new Slade Smiley, a reference to former The Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen Rossi's fiance. Slade appeared on Season 1 of that show, as he was dating one of the housewives at the time. After they broke up and she was off the show, he reappeared on the show several seasons later as Gretchen's boyfriend.

Bethenny, who evidently wasn't there when that particular scene was shot, immediately sent it to Ramona to see.
After Bethenny shared the snapshot for everyone to see, several viewers chimed in to say that they actually remember watching Tom on Season 1 and that he was referred to as "Tom Tom."

Bethenny Frankel's act of sharing the snapshot and sending it to Ramona Singer, who claims to have dated Tom D'Agostino Jr. right before he got together with LuAnn de Lesseps, seems to be another jab at LuAnn. On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, which aired on Wednesday night, Bethenny continued to lash out at LuAnn for not telling Ramona right when she began dating Tom. Bethenny felt that LuAnn's secrecy was another example of her not being trustworthy and deceitful. Bethenny also yelled that LuAnn constantly goes after married and younger men, but then acts as if she doesn't do it and looks down on others when they do it.

LuAnn defended herself by maintaining that she didn't know that Ramona dated Tom. She also said that Ramona wishes she was with Tom.

On a previous episode, Ramona made clear that LuAnn should have told her right away when she began dating Tom. Ramona yelled that LuAnn broke the "girl code" by keeping her relationship with Tom a secret from her. LuAnn replied that she didn't know that Ramona dated Tom.

In her blog post recapping the latest episode, Ramona wrote that LuAnn definitely knew that she dated Tom because she saw an article in the press about it. According to Ramona, LuAnn actually told her that the press article was put together by one of Tom's friends. Ramona implied that Tom leaked the story as a way to get publicity for himself.

"Luann knew I was dating Tom as she told me she saw the article in the press. Luann knows I am very private with the press about who I date. Luann said it was put in by Tom's friend Anna who is in PR. The article was more about what and who Tom is than about me, LOL."
Later in her blog, Ramona provided details on how LuAnn preys on men, even when they're involved with her co-stars.
"A year ago I was speaking to a man at the bar of a restaurant in NYC. He later came to the table and sat next to me conversing with me exclusively for an hour. When I came back from the ladies' room, Luann was snuggled up to him and refused to move. I just climbed over the booth and pushed her away, LOL. Sonja has tons of stories of how Luann would be with the men Sonja was with..."
Ramona even detailed an incident when LuAnn kissed a married man in front of his wife while at a wedding and then inappropriately grabbed Bethenny's date after she found out he was wealthy.
"As far as Luann goes, everyone is open game, whether they are married or not. Luann has kissed married men, and everyone has witnessed this. The most notorious was when she was still married and attended the Rome wedding in Southampton, which was reported by New York Magazine. She kissed a woman's husband in front of his wife and actually said to the wife, 'Get over it ' when the wife asked what Luann was doing. Bethenny had a date at the wedding. We told Luann he was wealthy and next thing you know she was all over him and grabbing his crotch on the dance floor."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bethenny wrote in one blog post that LuAnn's fiance not only dated Ramona but was once "friends with benefits" with Sonja Morgan. LuAnn in turn labeled Bethenny a hypocrite since she may now be involved with a man who's still married.

Will Tom D'Agostino Jr. show up at the Real Housewives of New York City season 8 reunion show taping? Considering how much controversy his relationship with LuAnn de Lesseps has caused, particularly with Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel, the show's producers may very much want him there.

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]