June 9, 2016
Ashton Irwin And Girlfriend Bryana Holly Struggle Over Long-Distance Relationship?

Ashton Irwin is back on his European tour, this time sans his girlfriend Bryana Holly. Although she was able to join him for a hot second in Paris, it looks like both of their schedules required that they are apart for a little while longer. Let's hope that the distance between them isn't taking too much of a toll on their romance!

Bryana Holly recently posted a picture on Instagram that summed up her feelings about this long-distance relationship.

Seeing how she still works mainly in Los Angeles and Ashton Irwin is banging away on his drumset in Germany right now, the ocean between them is definitely the pesky Atlantic Ocean. But before she knows it, he will be back on the west coast.

The 5SOS drummer is more than eager to get the show going in Germany, and, of course, he's not forgetting to post about it on his Instagram.

Right before this, they were rumored to have been seen together in Paris, along with the other couple in 5SOS, Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea.

"Ashton Irwin's model girlfriend Bryana Holly has recently been in Paris as the 5SOS rocker performed with the band," reports the Daily Mail. "And while all eyes might be on the boys, at the weekend the 22-year-old blonde made sure the spotlight was on her in her latest Instagram snap. The bikini poser showed off her very ample cleavage and contrasting tiny waist in a plunging top and denim cuts-offs in her latest selfie."

Due to their tricky situation, Ashton and Bryana have been known to be an on-and-off couple. They have gone as far as denying publicly that they are involved in each other's lives.

"Though rather coy about whether they were dating in the first place, Ashton Irwin announced his break up from model Bryana Holly in early November," reports the Daily Mail. "But the 5 Seconds Of Summer drummer and the Playboy playmate definitely looked like a couple as they took a hand-in-hand stroll in West Hollywood on Saturday."

On top of that, earlier this year, Bryana tweeted that she was single, which quashed rumours that she and 5SOS star Ashton Irwin were back together, according to the Daily Mail.

However, it looks like Bryana Holly is ready to try; she is trying to get on the good side of her lover's mother.

"As far as 5 Seconds Of Summer fans were aware, Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly were no longer together after she claimed the pair were 'not' dating," reports the Daily Mail. "But on Sunday the Australian drummer's mother, Ann Marie, throw a spanner in the works with her latest social media upload. The mother-of-three revealed on Instagram that the 22-year-old bikini-clad model had sent her a beautiful bunch of flowers for Mother's Day despite being 12,044 kilometres apart."

While she is not overtly trying to keep Ashton Irwin in her life, Bryana is working away at her career as a lingerie/bikini model, shooting campaigns as much as she can and not forgetting to have fun with her friends.

Luckily for her, the model has been lucky enough to escape some of the scathing hatred that Arzaylea, Luke's girlfriend, has faced from 5 Seconds of Summer fans. While Ash is as popular as Luke, it was a wise decision on Bryana's part to not go for the lead singer of a very popular band.

Do you think Ash will invite his girlfriend to join him in Germany as well? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photos by Ashton Irwin, Bryana Holly/Instagram]