Lara Bingle Voted Fourth Most Disliked Australian Celebrity: See Who Made The Top And Bottom Ten

Lara Bingle is a famous Australian model who has not only graced the covers of numerous magazines, but has also been a brand ambassador for many products and events.

But despite her notoriety in Australia and around the world, a new poll has revealed that Lara Bingle, along with radio personality Kyle Sandilands and Australian cricketer Shane Warne, have been named Australia’s most disliked celebrities, according to the Daily Mail.

On the other end of the scale, actor/singer/dancer Hugh Jackman was voted Australia’s most liked celebrity, with actors Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth also being named in the top ten. The poll, known as the Encore Score, questions more than 5,000 Australian people on their celebrity likes and dislikes, and ranks more than 400 Australian personalities from the most liked down to the most despised.

Other Australian celebrities to appear in the bottom ten along with Lara Bingle include Matthew Newton, the disgraced son of Australian TV royalty Bert Newton; celebrity chef and Paleo enthusiast Pete Evans; and Johnny Ruffo, who was discovered on Australian Idol and now has a regular role on Australian soap Home And Away.

The Daily Mail guessed that Lara Bingle’s current extreme unpopularity stems from her “racy past,” which includes an alleged affair with AFL’s Brendan Fevola, a speeding fine, and a failed reality TV show.

Here is the full list of the top ten liked and top ten disliked Australian celebrities for 2016, according to the Daily Mail.

Top Ten Liked Australian Celebrities For 2016

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. Jamie Oliver
  3. Chris Hemsworth
  4. Dawn French
  5. Cate Blanchett
  6. Nicole Kidman
  7. Rebecca Gibney
  8. Russell Crowe
  9. Liam Hemsworth
  10. Keith Urban

Top Ten Disliked Australian Celebrities For 2016

  1. Kyle Sandilands
  2. Shane Warne
  3. Eddie McGuire
  4. Lara Bingle
  5. Jackie O
  6. Mathew Newton
  7. Pete Evans
  8. Jason Donovan
  9. Johnny Ruffo
  10. Rhiannon Fish

It’s been almost 10 years since Lara Bingle featured in the $180 million Tourism Australia’s advertisement campaign by standing on an Australian beach in a bikini and yelling “So where the bl**dy h*ll are you?” to millions of people around the globe. The iconic advertisement might have been banned from being telecast in multiple countries due to the use of the words “bl**dy” and “h*ll,” but it still served to cement Lara Bingle’s place in the modeling world, and not just in Australia.

See the advertisement here.

The campaign received extensive press coverage but was soon withdrawn from circulation. However, although it went off the air, the controversial advertisement featuring Lara Bingle became so famous that many people easily recollect it to this day. The Pedestrian reported that SBS’s The Feed recreated the classic ad, and viewers saw iconic SBS personality Lee Lin Chin taking on the role of Lara Bingle herself.

However, instead of promoting tourism, the Lara Bingle inspired advertisement will be promoting an upcoming forum on lockout laws in Australia.

The 2006 advertisement brought Lara Bingle into the limelight and since then the model has featured on the cover of ELLE, Grazia, Oyster, CLEO, and New Idea.

With Lara Bingle’s popularity in Australia and overseas, it comes as no surprise that her son, Rocket Zot, has made his modeling debut at the age of 13 months alongside his mother, with the mother and toddler duo featuring in a Dior fragrance advertising campaign that was released on Mother’s Day. According to Daily Mail, the advertisement celebrates the various milestones in a woman’s life and Lara Bingle was chosen to represent the brand because of her confident personality.

#metro #news: Lara Bingle Worthington’s son, Rocket Zot, makes his modelling debut aged 13-months for Dior: L…

— Joseph (@TheRealJoeKitts) May 4, 2016

Chosen by the brand for being “confident and relatable,” Lara admits she has a long way to go in terms of confidence. There were several shots and scenes in the advertisement, and the scene featuring Rocket Zot was just one of them. One of the images from the campaign shows the blonde model clutching a bottle of Dior’s iconic perfume J’adore while wearing a lilac knitted jumper.

Lara’s wispy bob was worn in a deep side part while her makeup was kept fresh with a hint of pink lip gloss. In another shot, the bombshell is dressed in all white and posing in a bed of white sheets as she flashes her famous smile while holding the perfume bottle.

According to the Daily Mail, the ad celebrates the beautiful milestones in a woman’s life, which prompted Lara to speak about one of her own.

“There’s nothing that really sets you up or prepares you for motherhood. And when it does happen, it’s something that, you know, you just can’t compare.”

Lara, who shares her 1-year-old son Rocket with her husband Sam Worthington, continued to gush about her life as a new mother.

“Rocket’s the light of my life and I’m just really happy to be a new mum.”

According to Cosmopolitan, Lara, who goes by her Avatar star husband Sam Worthington’s surname these days, may be expecting a sibling for her son, Rocket.

The newspaper reports that the model and beauty product entrepreneur, who is currently in Australia promoting her campaign for Dior J’adore and visiting family, has been telling people about her exciting news: and it looks like one of those people may have leaked it to the paper. Sam and Lara never confirmed the reports she was pregnant with Rocket until her baby bump was clearly visible, so chances are fans are unlikely to know if the couple is pregnant again until Lara Bingle is clearly showing a bump under one of her always stylish outfits.

[Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images]