Little Mix Get Racy Before Summertime Ball, Get Weird Tour

Little Mix is winning awards, asking fans to vote so they can win more trophies, and getting particularly racy before they play their show at the Capital FM Summertime Ball. Little Mix is also resuming their Get Weird Tour on June 12, and will travel Europe for the summer.

Although many headlines about Little Mix are focused on awards they have recently won, they need help from fans to get a trophy from Ticketmaster for the Best Live Act award.

Other Little Mix honors include their June 8 Twitter post that reminds fans that Get Weird has raced to the top of the charts and now has gone platinum, in addition to giving them four singles.

Adding to their recent racy theme, Little Mix was dressed to the nines for the Glamour Awards and had lots of queenly things to say such as "we want global stardom," according to Belfast Telegraph.

This global stardom statement followed Little Mix winning the 2016 Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year award for Top Music Act.

About their presence at the Glamour awards ceremony, Daily Mail writes that Little Mix was dressed particularly racy and mentioned that all of the dresses were designed in a way that did not allow for certain types of underclothing such as foundation garments.

At the Glamour awards event, Jade Thirlwall stood out in particular with a velvet dressed that appeared to be embossed with an arabesque design. Leigh-Anne Pinnock also had amazing gold shoes that had a unique mirrored appearance that differed from lamé or metallic liquid pleather.

Little Mix was at their hottest for the 2016 Glamour Awards
Little Mix was described as fierce for their award acceptance at the 2016 Glamour Magazine ceremony. (Photo by: KGC-160/STAR MAX/IPx)

Despite their queenly words about wanting global stardom, there is a possibility that the statement was immediately followed by giggles from Little Mix because they are known for being goofy in the most endearing way possible. For example, Little Mix took time to "get weird" after the Glamour Awards by making silly faces on Snapchat, according to Mirror.

As if there was not enough raciness in their lives, Chronicle Live did a flashback to about a year ago because Little Mix was interviewed for the 2015 Blaydon Races. They talked about how Jade Thirlwall was excited to get to her family's home for "mince and dumplings" and Perrie Edwards was going home to "her dad's carbonara."

Little Mix June 11, 2015 flashback
Flashback photo of Little Mix on June 11, 2015. Photo by: KGC-246/STAR MAX/IPx

If Little Mix is racy, it seems clear that Perrie Edwards might be burning rubber because she may be shifting her love life from zero to 60.

For instance, on June 11, Little Mix will be playing the Summertime Ball, and fans of Perrie Edwards have been waiting to see how that will pan out considering her ex-boyfriend, Zayn Malik, will be playing at the same festival.

In the meantime, it appears that Ellie Goulding's most recent ex-boyfriend, Dougie Poynter of McFly, has steered his race car into Perrie Edwards' lane, according to a June 9 report from The Sun. Insiders claim that during the Glamour Awards ceremony, "[t]he two of them stayed chatting into the early hours. It was clear they were loving each other's company."

There might be credence to these allegations that Dougie Poynter and Perrie Edwards are experiencing some serious chemistry because Contact Music points out that she once admitted to having a crush on him.

Coming up next, in addition to the Summertime Ball festival and going back on tour, Little Mix also released a remix by the Wideboys of their song "Hair."

However, it appears that Little Mix will not be doing wheelchair dances. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Little Mix's Jesy Nelson suffered from a leg issue that required she use a wheelchair, there was a chance that she would resume tour with wheelchair choreography.

Regardless, the photos of Jesy Nelson and Little Mix from the Glamour Awards show that she might not have problems with walking, and there is a chance she has healed enough to resume tour.

[Picture by KGC-03/STAR MAX/IPx]