June 9, 2016
Miranda Kerr Shares Secrets To Her Stunning Beauty And Amazing Body

Miranda Kerr is famous for her enviable abs and lean legs. The former Victoria's Secret Angel was blessed with good genetics, but she also credits her diet for keeping her in tip-top shape.

According to her cover story in the Australian magazine Gritty Pretty, as reported via Yahoo Beauty, Kerr revealed that she lives by the 80/20 diet.

"I try my best to eat healthy, organic foods 80 percent of the time but it's also important not to deprive yourself of things because then you just crave it more and rather than eating one piece of chocolate, you'll devour the whole block."

The 80/20 diet was founded by nutritionist Teresa Cutter and is pretty simple to follow. Eat healthy foods 80 percent of the time and eat less healthy foods only 20 percent of the time. Cutter advises that the 20 percent portion should be once a week, not once a day. Additionally, you can opt for a cheat day once a week and eat healthy the other six days.

So, what does Kerr eat 20 percent of the time? She revealed that her biggest indulgences include French fries, triple cream goat cheese, and homemade apple pie. Kerr doesn't even follow a strict and demanding fitness schedule.

"Sure, when I have a big event or a photo shoot, I tend to work out a bit harder or focus on the areas that are going to be visible. For example, at the Met Ball, my midriff was visible so I focused a bit more on abs that week."

Other ways that Kerr stays in fit, she previously said in an interview with Byrdie that she does squats, Pilates, and Kundalini yoga.

"I believe in doing squats whenever you can. If you can just do 10 squats when you think about it, that's a good way to remember and get exercise incorporated into your day. Otherwise, I love Pilates and yoga. My favorite type of yoga is Kundalini. It's really great for the mind-and-body connection. It's something that feels very nurturing to me."

When it comes to staying youthful, glowing, and beautiful, she uses the products from her organic skincare line called KORA. Kerr also revealed that she often scrubs her skin with sand to keep it looking fresh all year long.

"The one thing about Australia that is so beautiful is the ocean. You instantly feel refreshed. I also am obsessed with scrubbing my body with the sand when I'm at home. It feels like it really exfoliates the skin well."

Miranda Kerr showed off her easily achievable beauty on the magazine's winter 2016 cover. On the issue, Kerr is seen rocking a pale pink coat and shorter hair than usual. Kerr is also wearing nothing but groomed eyebrows, mascara, and a swipe of pale pink lip color.

Inside the issue is where Kerr shows off her incredible figure and amazing beauty. For the winter-themed photo shoot, the 33-year-old posed at her seaside mansion, according to the Daily Mail. In one of the photos, Kerr is seen laying down in the pale pink coat which reveals her black floral print miniskirt underneath.

In another photo, Kerr cozies up in a black shearling coat with black biker shorts. Then she shows off her natural beauty in a tan coat with a white slip underneath. The photo shoot also includes black-and-white shots of Kerr hanging out on her veranda in silk pajamas and wearing just a gray sweater to bed.

Meanwhile, she's been dating Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. Not only did Kerr celebrate Spiegel's 26th birthday, but they also celebrated their one-year anniversary. In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Kerr revealed how the two met.
"We met at a dinner in LA for Louis Vuitton and became friends. We were really good friends for a long time before we started dating. We've just been having fun together and sharing our time amongst friends and family."

To look like Miranda Kerr, you must eat healthy foods 80 percent of the time, do plenty of squats, Pilates, and Kundalini yoga. You should also learn how to open your heart chakra, scrub your skin with sand, and use only organic skincare products. Doesn't sound too tough.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]