Reddit Dishes On Obama’s Record-Smashing AmA

President Barack Obama’s high-profile visit to the social media site Reddit yesterday was immediately and clearly a big deal for the site, and Reddit was inaccessible for much of Obama’s brief appearance.

All in all, Reddit braced itself, and ten lucky Redditors had their questions answered by a sitting president, which is probably one of the most immensely cool things that could happen on Reddit, ever.

But aside from the site going down and frustrating Redditors everywhere who’d hoped to have a crack at being upvoted by Obama, the President’s AmA was a media sensation, stealing a bit of thunder from the Republican National Convention.

Reddit has shared the Obama AmA stats via their blog, confirming that the web sensation was as big of a deal as it looked. Firstly, Reddit confirms that indeed, the username PresidentObama had been taken and abandoned:

“As many speculated, the username /u/PresidentObama was not actually publicly available. That user deleted their account a while ago, so when this event arose, we made the username available for the President. If you are not a current or former head of state, don’t ask us for a deleted username.”

And if you were unable to get in and submit a question, there’s a good reason for that — Reddit’s blog explains:

“There were 865,092 unique visits during the first hour after the IAMA began — up from 518,312 before it started. At peak, Google Analytics showed 198,000 active concurrent visitors. At the peak of the IAMA reddit was receiving over 100,000 pageviews per minute.”

In addition to winning the internets for the day, President Obama also dished for the first time about a potential new amendment. Did you tune in for Obama’s AmA?