Hackers running rampant on PS3 Call of Duty 4

I last played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on a PS3 some months ago, and always had a riot – COD 4 is one of the most accomplished, polished online shoot-me-dos I’ve encountered.

Sadly, it’s all going to shit now.

Players of the PS3 version are complaining that the online component is now chock-full of hackers who can fly and walk through buildings with unlimited ammunition and no reloads. If you haven’t played it before, that stuff is kind of against the rules. The cheating has rapidly bloomed into something more widespread, thanks to several instructional YouTube videos popping up.

As a result, developer Infinity Ward (who, to its credit, has always listened to the community) has stepped in, Tweeting that “We hear you loud and clear and are investigating the glitchers.”

Modern Warfare 2 might be out this November (and looking like the kipper’s knickers), but I’d still expect Infinity Ward to be pretty sharp about this. You don’t want to piss off a userbase of 13 million-plus gamers.

[Hexus, via Gamestooge]