Bernie Sanders All Over Mainstream Media – Reporters Asking: Where Will Sanders’ Supporters Go?

To a place called American Revolution. This is a war without guns, a movement of millions to end corrupt politics.

For Bernie Sanders' supporters, the Democratic Convention is not the simple end to an acceptable political process -- it is one battleground in the massive transformation of how the United States is run.

In what is perhaps the largest and most active networking force on social media since its inception, Bernie Believers have united in cyber space to bring justice to real world America.

Every unfair media report about Bernie and every wrongdoing against his campaign fuels Sanders' supporters even more, rather than dashing their hopes.

And both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want the support of these vocal, passionate people.

Fox News this morning has been among several news outlets reporting, "Trump and Clinton battling over Bernie Sanders' supporters."

On Fox, this was followed by an interview with Nomiki Konst, a Sirius XM radio host, who clearly articulated the truth.
"Bernie Sanders has all of the political leverage right now."
Konst told Fox viewers that Bernie Sanders "has the supporters that Democrats need to win in November whether its Independents -- you know, he beat Donald trump with Independents by 22 percent -- blue collar voters … these are supporters Hillary Clinton needs, not to mention this young base …"

But these well-informed, determined Sanders' supporters are "Bernin" up social media, declaring that they are not available to be pulled to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump -- often responding directly to mainstream media's urging, such as from the New York Times.

Bernie Sanders' supporters have turned the Clintons' game against them. Where Hillary and Bill Clinton have consistently ignored those who call them out, powering ahead despite claims that they shouldn't, now Sanders' supporters are doing just that.

Like soldiers through a snowstorm, Sanders' supporters have pressed on, shooting facts into the face of numerous reports that they and Bernie Sanders should call it quits.

CBS News pointed out that more than half of Americans have a negative opinion of Hillary Clinton -- the highest negative impression of anyone ever nominated by the Democratic party since polling on this began in 1984.
"... it's possible that Clinton's biggest obstacle is not her opponent but herself."
Konst announced on Fox that "The Democratic Party lost its way" -- proven by many of the Democratic National Committee's actions, such as that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz "accepts more money from Payday lenders than Republicans do."

Sanders' supporters are taking action, many of them already re-registering to vote, away from the Democratic Party.

Like with all successful revolutions, Bernie Sanders' supporters never give in and evolve with every curve ball thrown at them. Fishy California election results? Then maybe Sanders should run with a different party.
Bernie Sanders' supporters are a knowledgeable, humorous bunch. Their beliefs -- and their dedication to revolution -- are often expressed with jokes -- such as this one: "Asking a Bernie supporter to vote for Hillary is like asking Hillary to tell the truth, it won't happen."
The answer to mainstream media about where Sanders' supporters are going is that they aren't going anywhere. They were attracted to Bernie to be part of a revolution, and they are now more loyal to that cause than ever.
On Fox, Konst said that Bernie Sanders is leading a movement to make politics more transparent, get rid of superdelegates, and help people such as minorities and laborers.

The following is in Sanders' own words.

"What this is about is millions of people from coast to coast knowing that we can do much, much better as a nation. Our fight is to transform this country and to understand that we are in this together, understand that all of what we believe is what the majority of American people believe and to understand that the struggle continues."
"Bernie Sanders is a very focused person," said Konst. "I think he'll do it."

[Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images]