You to can now have a monitor wall – or pretty damn close

I still remember when I first hooked up a second monitor and found myself in dual monitor heaven. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to a single monitor unless absolutely forced to. Two monitors as nice as that might be is slowly becoming ‘old school’ as we are slowly getting the tools needed to attach even more monitors to our desktop computers.

Much like the team over at SlipperyBrick did when they heard about HP’s new USB graphics adapter that will let you connect .. get ready for it …. seven monitors and via USB.



Their report on this wondrous event can be read on their site but the sort of it is that with the exception of video under certain conditions being problematic the whole experience was rather cool:

What did work well however is any graphics or video that we viewed through a browser or setup as a background display. (We had a little help from UltraMon for the background displays.) We used the Internet Explorer browser and were able to easily view a different web page on each monitor with a different browser instance, and were able to span a single browser across all monitors without noticing even a stutter. We could even open large images in a browser window and span that across all seven displays with little noticeable increase in the processor work.