Jeremy Jordan: ‘Supergirl’ Star Launches ‘Save Sarah’ Campaign To ‘Free’ Teen Cousin From ‘Pray Away The Gay’ Camp

Supergirl star Jeremy Jordan started the “Save Sarah” campaign to “free” his gay teen cousin from a Christian “pray away the gay” camp. Sarah was sent to the Christian boarding school for a year by her parents after the 17-year-old lesbian wanted to take her girlfriend to prom.

Jeremy Jordan started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the court case his mother, Sarah’s aunt, initiated to usurp the right of the parents to send their daughter to the Christian boarding school. The camp is reportedly located in a rural region near Austin.

Sarah allegedly tried to escape from the “pray the gay away” camp but was caught by staff. During the year the Supergirl star’s cousin will spend at the Christian camp, she is not permitted to use the phone, computer, or have any visitors, the Daily Mail reports.

Heartlight Ministries is a state-licensed boarding school.

“We offer help and hope to parents and teens in a broken world,” the Heartlight Ministries website says.

“My amazing friends & fans, PLEASE help us save my sweet gay cousin Sarah who’s trapped at a boarding facility in TX,” Jeremy Jordan tweeted last week.

Jordan, who plays the character Winn Schott on the Supergirl series, posted this “Save Sarah” message on Facebook.

“I can’t believe beautiful, smart, incredible kids like my cousin Sarah are still being told that being gay is wrong. But it’s worse than that for Sarah… She’s been placed at a remote boarding facility to help ‘pray away the gay’ for a year with no communication to the outside world. She may not be able to see it now, but please show her how much she matters and take a stand to help us free this wonderful young woman and welcome her back to a world of love and acceptance.”

During an interview with the New York Daily News, Julie Moody, a representative from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, declined to comment on an open investigation, but she did confirm that Jeremy Jordan’s cousin Sarah is enrolled at Heartlight Ministries.

Heartlight Ministries has reportedly been in operation for 25 years. The Texas Christian boarding school’s website also states it provides a “safe haven for positive change.” Students who attend the Austin area school include teenagers who are “struggling” and need to “develop healthier patterns,” the Christian school’s website also states. The school reportedly boasts 40 staff members and is situated on about 150 acres. There are reportedly 56 students attending the Christian camp.

Another “Save Sarah” social media post by Jeremy Jordan reads as follows.

“My cousin Sarah, like any other teenager, loves a shameless selfie… It’s just sometimes hers includes another girl… You can’t see it, but the caption of the photo on the left reads ‘Merry Christmas from two kids in love.’ It BREAKS MY HEART this sweet young girl who’s only ‘issue’ is loving another girl has been sent to a facility for ‘troubled teens.’ News flash, folks, there’s nothing wrong with her.”

The “Save Sarah” GoFundMe page claims her parents sent her to the Christian boarding school to garner “Bible-based therapy” to treat her “disease.”

“Sarah’s parents, who believe that homosexuality is a sin and abnormal, sent Sarah away against her will to an East Texas Christian boarding facility for troubled teens to ‘pray away the gay,’” the GoFundMe Save Sarah campaign page also states.

The campaign raised more than $48,000 in four days. The page has a stated goal of $100,000. The LGBT rights-focused campaign organizers maintain the court case filed by Jeremy Jordan’s mother has already accrued $20,000 in legal expenses. Any money not used to battle the gay Texas teen’s parents in court will reportedly be put into a college fund for Sarah.

What do you think of the Save Sarah campaign launched by Supergirl actor Jeremy Jordan?

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