June 9, 2016
Is 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Star Vicki Involved With Another Scammer?

Real Housewives of Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson seems to be repeating the same mistakes she has made in previous seasons when she got involved with men of questionable character who have problems telling the truth. Last season it was Brooks Ayers who reportedly lied about having cancer, and Vicki went along with him. Now her new man, Steve Lodge, has also gotten caught in a lie in his professional life, and it looks like Lodge, who was running for office in California, has some explaining to do.

According to the Inquisitr, Vicki was put through the wringer with the men in her life, as since RHOC started, she has gotten divorced and then was involved in the cancer scandal with Brooks Ayers. Now, Vicki has been on Twitter, telling her fans how lucky she is to have found such a wonderful man, all while the media has uncovered questionable professional behavior. Vicki was said to have put the Brooks drama behind her, but has she just substituted Brooks' lies with the dishonesty of another man?

Radar Online is reporting that RHOC star Vicki's new man, Steve Lodge, has used different names when running for office to convince the voting public he is someone he is not. Now, Steve Lodge is being sued for changing his name on the ballot in order to mislead voters. Elector Cynthia Ward has filed suit against Steve Lodge for changing his name on the ballot to Steve Chavez Lodge (not his legal name) while running for Anaheim City Council in August 2012.

According to the filing, Lodge added the name "Chavez" to make voters believe he was of another ethnicity for political purposes.

"Lodge has requested that his name appear on the ballot as 'Steve Chavez Lodge. This is not his legal name. Nor is that the same under which he is registered to vote or the name under which he owns property. Rather, the use of the middle name 'Chavez' appears to have been adopted recently for political purposes."
Ms. Ward asked that the name "Steve Chavez Lodge" be struck from the ballots when a background check revealed that Lodge's actual name is Steven Albert Lodge. Ward also asked that Lodge's description of "retired policeman" also be removed, because candidates are not allowed to include anything but a current position. One cannot use former or ex either on the ballot.

Lodge responded by saying that the name Chavez indicated his ethnic identity before he was adopted by his mother's second husband.

Reality Tea says that Vicki might be finding herself in the same position as last season, as Steve Lodge has also been accused of being an alleged "dirty cop" in his previous job before he retired to run for office in 2012. Lodge was unable to get his party's endorsement because of his questionable record while serving as a policeman. Lodge had multiple conduct violations and was the subject of several excessive force lawsuits. Lodge reportedly assaulted a jaywalker, and that person successfully sued the town to the tune of over $200,000.
Lodge also reportedly was against the town having a Mexican police chief, calling the man names and telling people that he was "dirty." Yet, when Lodge ran for office in Anaheim City, he adopted a Mexican middle name to attempt to sway the Hispanic vote. Now, Lodge is running for office again, and coincidentally appearing on RHOC just in time to make his name known before the election. It looks like, once again, Vicki Gunvalson will find herself in the middle of more drama and give the ladies another reason to think that she isn't coming clean with them about yet another man.

Do you think Vicki dates these men on purpose for a storyline on RHOC?

[Image via Bravo TV]