‘Joe Bidenopoulos:’ VP Joe Biden Hams It Up At Ohio Campaign Stop

President Obama apparently has a new VP by the name of Joe Bidenopoulos — at least that’s what Vice President Joe Biden called himself at an Ohio campaign stop on Friday, while introducing himself to a table of Greeks.

The campaign stop in Warren, Ohio saw Biden find a new way to appeal to Greek Americans in attendance when he said, “I’m Joe Bidenopoulos,” as he approached a table of men he believed to be Greek, reports The Daily Mail.

The men at the table were no doubt dumfounded by the gaffe-prone VP’s remark, as he went on to say, “Ask George who’s the most Greek Irishman he’s ever known.” The VP is of Irish descent, not Greek, making the pool reporter who was not sure who George was, but though it could have been someone at the table.

“Joe Bidenopoulos,” who is of Irish descent, not Greek, made his way through the restaurant in what some considered an eyebrow-raising manner, greeting customers and talking of his love for rice pudding. Biden asked the restaurant staff, “Can I get some rice pudding to go?” and posed for photographs. He even had a chuckle when one supporter introduced himself as Paul Newman.

Politico reports that Jennifer Epstein’s pool report read:

“Approaching a table of men he knew to be Greek, the VP said, ‘I’m Joe Bidenopoulos.’

“‘Ask George,’ he said – unclear who George was, maybe someone at the table –“who’s the most Greek Irishman he’s ever known.” Sounded like Biden was suggesting he is.”

Joe Biden’s Greek introduction is just the latest in a series of strange comments from the Vice President, who declared earlier this month that Mitt Romney wanted to “put ya’ll back in chains.”

Despite Joe Biden’s strange introduction as Joe Bidenopoulos, lawmakers trying to embrace other cultures is not new, like when Rick Santorum told Puerto Rican voters that Pennsylvanians called him Senadore Puertoriqueno, because of his support for the island.