June 9, 2016
Kylie Jenner Copes With Pregnancy, Sex Tape & Tyga Cheating Rumors

Since Kylie Jenner turned 18, the spotlight on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has produced some increasingly wild rumors. From pregnancy reports to sex tape speculation, Kylie has coped with a mixture of humor and bewilderment, noted E News.

With regard to the baby bump rumor, Jenner was baffled, as shown in a clip from a deleted Keeping Up With the Kardashians discussion.

"Why is everyone saying that I'm pregnant?" questioned Kylie. "How do people know before me?"

Jenner also dealt with all the dish claiming that she had a sex tape, turning to Snapchat to challenge those reports.
"Everyone's like leak the sex tape. You're never gonna see a sex tape from me. It's not going to happen."
While Kylie shut down the sex tape speculation quickly, it took longer to deal with all the talk about Tyga. At one point, prior to their split, he described Jenner as his fiancée, causing engagement chatter despite their subsequent split. They then reunited, then broke up again, resulting in more rumors about Tyga.

Kylie Jenner copes with pregnancy and sex tape rumors as well as Tyga split.
Kylie Jenner copes with pregnancy and sex tape rumors as well as Tyga split. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]One report alleged that the rapper owned the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star $2 million.

"Lies lies lies," she retorted on Twitter.

In addition to pregnancy and sex tape rumors, speculation that Jenner underwent plastic surgery has continuously bothered her.

Kylie finally set the record straight on the topic, pointing out that just because she admitted to lip fillers does not mean that she opted to undergo procedures for other parts of her body.
"And then people took that and were like, 'Oh well, if she got her lips done she probably got everything done.' People don't realize I just turned 18, so there's no way my mom would ever let me undergo a nose job or a boob job."
As for the reports that Jenner split up with Tyga because he cheated? The breakup has resulted in two very different stories when it comes to cheating.

Sources told Radar Online that initially Kylie did not believe her boyfriend had been unfaithful, only to discover the truth when she decided to enlist the services of a private detective.

"She buried her head in the sand and refused to believe he was unfaithful most of the time, and the times she busted him he always managed to convince her he never actually slept with anyone," revealed one insider.

Did Tyga cheat on Kylie Jenner?
Did Tyga cheat on Kylie Jenner? [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]But then when the detective devoted months to tracking Tyga's movements, Jenner could no longer ignore the reality of his cheating, revealed another source.
"[The private detective] followed Tyga for months and gathered irrefutable evidence of his cheating. Kylie now believes that Tyga slept with at least 100 other girls while she was dating him, and she's having a very hard time with it."
In addition to the knowledge that her boyfriend cheated on her, Jenner has another issue to face.

"Everyone's urging her to get herself tested, but she's too frightened right now, even though eventually she will have to face getting answers," added the insider.

However, Hollywood Life reports that Jenner's ex allegedly is accusing Kylie of dating her new guy pal, PartyNextDoor, while she was still with Tyga. Did Jenner really cheat?

In a "he said/she said" debate, an insider told Hollywood Life that the sequence of events indicates that first Kylie broke up with Tyga because he cheated. Jenner moved onto PartyNextDoor only after the split from Tyga.

"Kylie's not like Tyga when it comes to breaking up. There's no ambiguity or blurred lines. They were done! Kylie doesn't believe in cheating and stepping out when she's in a relationship. Tyga's hurt. He's trying to trash Kylie's name and brand by saying she's a cheater," alleged the source.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]