'Pretty Little Liars' Star Shay Mitchell Finds Romance 'Under You' With Nick Jonas [Video]

Rumors persist that Pretty Little Liars will be coming to an end after Season 7, so it's only sensible that the stars of the series have begun to look for other projects in the hopes of building upon the careers they have each established with the Marlene King-run series. That couldn't be more true for Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. Mitchell has already begun to expand her portfolio, playing the love interest in the music video for Nick Jonas' "Under You" as well as having just been cast in a new horror film.

Shay Mitchell Plays At Romance With Nick Jonas In "Under You" Music Video

The Pretty Little Liars actress is most recently seen in the first teaser of Nick Jonas' soon-to-be-released "Under You" music video. In the glimpses, Ms. Mitchell is looking lonely and yearning, as she lays on a bed waiting for Jonas' character to arrive. When he does arrive, Nick exhibits an angry tirade, effectively ransacking the home, but rage soon turns to passion as Shay and Jonas come together in a romantic embrace.

Prior to the Shay Mitchell starring "Under You" video, Jonas released another single, entitled "Bacon," in anticipation of the release of his new album. That LP will be released on Friday, under the title Last Year Was Complicated.

While a music video has limited appeal as far as promoting one's acting talents, Shay Mitchell's fans will no doubt check out the video for glimpses of the Pretty Little Liars actress, just as Nick Jonas fans will take exceptional notice of Mitchell in her role as the singer's lover. For both Shay and Nick, the video can only amplify their exposure and help each of them to build their already impressive fanbase.

Cadaver Casts Shay Mitchell In The Lead Role

Pretty Little Liars may have prepared Shay for her next move in her acting career, because it seems she's moving from the ABC mystery series on up to big screen horror films. First up, Mitchell has been cast in the upcoming Screen Gems horror film, Cadaver, which is to be directed by Diederik Van Rooijen (Daylight, Taped). Brian Sieve, who wrote Boogeyman 2 (2007) and Boogeyman 3 (2008), is penning the script.

Mitchell plays a tarnished police officer, who, after serving a stint in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, returns to duty only to find herself posted in the morgue of the very hospital where she recovered from her addiction. While there, an unidentified body is delivered to the morgue, after having been severely mutilated. As soon as Shay's character takes possession of the cadaver, she becomes haunted by visions of violent and terrifying murders. Mitchell will come face to face with her worst nightmares, as she's forced to confront the evil entity in Cadaver.

Sean Robins and Todd Garner will produce Cadaver through their jointly owned production company, Broken Road Productions.

Plans to end Pretty Little Liars after this next season, while unconfirmed, seem to be moving head with a measure of certainty, and all of the lead actresses on the series seem to be gearing up to expand their horizons. For Shay Mitchell, this may mean moving from television to feature films and, considering the plot of Pretty Little Liars, the horror genre seems to hold the greatest promise for Mitchell. The fact that Shay has already nabbed her first feature film, even before the final season of Pretty Little Liars has aired, would seem to suggest that she may have the fresh look studio executives are currently seeking.

The Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesday, June 21, on Freeform.

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