June 9, 2016
'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Poster: Photoshop Fail Or Devastating Hint?

The Pretty Little Liars Season 7 poster was shared on Instagram this week, and fans quickly took to sharing their hints and pointing out missing parts. This isn't just Hanna missing for the police lineup, but what looks like a Photoshop fail. Could it actually be a hint for what is to come for the possible final season?

In the police lineup, Hanna is clearly missing. This could be a ploy to get people talking more about her character's fate, a similar way to how HBO had people continually discussing Jon Snow's fate between Game of Thrones Seasons 5 and 6. The Pretty Little Liars Season 7 trailers all hint that Hanna could meet her maker, and this promo poster just reiterates that point.

#SaveHanna has been a campaign on Twitter and Instagram after the PLL Season 6 finale. Hanna gave herself up as bait to help catch Uber A. A was one step ahead of the Liars the whole time and took Hanna out from underneath the floorboards. She was last seen being dragged along by an unknown person, and it definitely wasn't connected to Elliot Rollins and Mary Drake's plan.

Hanna isn't the only thing missing from the poster. There are many others who have spotted a potential Photoshop fail. Alison DiLaurentis only has one leg. At first it looked like her left leg could have been tucked away behind her right or pushed up against the wall and hidden by the dress, but a closer inspection shows that it is completely gone. There is no sign of it even under her black dress.

MTV suggests that this may not be a Photoshop fail after all and could actually be setting the stage for a devastating storyline for the Liars. Is it possible that Alison will lose her leg during the season? Anything really is possible with this season likely being the last for the current stars.

It is very likely that this is just a very embarrassing Photoshop fail in the Liars Season 7 poster. There has been no hint that Alison would ever need her leg amputated, even after her trip down the stairs while she and Elliot were away. It would also be unlike Pretty Little Liars to foreshadow something like this in the posters.

Liars has been quiet about its upcoming season, which will start on June 21. There are a few actors returning to roles, with Drew Van Acker now confirmed for a return. However, the storylines regarding Mary Drake and Uber A have both been kept under wraps. Is it possible that Mary will help the girls find out who Uber A is, and is it possible that it is Wren after all these years of him being suspected as A?

There have been various teases about what to expect. One of those teases was from Lucy Hale, who plays Aria. She says that she will have to make a big decision and it will affect her life. Aria was last hooking up with her ex Ezra, despite still dating Liam. This was after Aria and Ezra learned that they would be co-authors on Ezra's latest book that Aria had written some chapters for. Liam had instantly realized they were his girlfriend's, knowing her writing style and spotting elements from their real life.

While there are people taking note of the missing leg, most people just want to know where Hanna is. Does it mean that she will not return for PLL Season 7? Is it just a publicity ploy? The Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premiere airs on June 21, and fans will hopefully find out then about Hanna's fate.

[Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images]