June 9, 2016
10-Mile-Wide Flying Saucer UFO Spotted Sailing Over Earth From International Space Station, UFO Hunter Claims [Video]

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted in NASA's live ISS stream, a 10-mile-wide flying saucer UFO sailing at very high altitude over Earth. And although skeptics have dismissed the claim, saying the video shows a cloud formation, the UFO hunter insists that the perfect disc-shape of the cloud and the unusually high altitude at which it was spotted proves it was a "cloaked" alien UFO sailing over Earth at the edge of space.

Some UFO hunters have linked the latest sighting with a cloud formation sighted over Las Vegas, New Mexico, in February 2016, which UFO hunters claimed was a "cloud cloaked" UFO.

UFO hunter Scott C. Waring spotted the alleged 10-mile-wide flying saucer spacecraft while watching NASA's live ISS video on June 8, 2016. He explains in a video uploaded to YouTube on June 9, 2016, that the alleged flying disc, with a cloud-like appearance, had a diameter of about 7-10 miles.

According to Waring and fellow UFO conspiracy theorists, a favorite "cloaking" technique employed by extraterrestrial visitors is "cloud cloaking."

"Cloud cloaking" allows aliens visiting Earth in massive UFOs to hide their presence by simulating the appearance of atmospheric cloud phenomenon. But according to Waring, although the simulation of a cloud in the latest case was perfect, the perfect disc-shape of the object -- and the high altitude at which it was spotted -- proves it was a UFO and not a lenticular cloud formation.

"I noticed a white disk moving over the Earth at a higher than normal altitude," Waring writes. "This UFO does have a cloud-like appearance, yet is a perfect disk that is 7-10 miles in diameter."

He then boasts about his UFO expertise, assuring viewers that he has the knowledge and experience to distinguish a real cloud formation from a "cloaked" UFO.

"My decades of experience and in-depth research has taught me that not all cloud [sic] are clouds."
"The cloud appearance is the perfect illusion to hide behind," Waring writes authoritatively. "Who would possibly question that a cloud is anything other than a cloud... except me of course."

Waring and fellow UFO hunters believe that aliens have a preference for "cloud cloaking" because it fools meteorologists and UFO skeptics.

This is not the first time that conspiracy theorists have alleged sighting a massive cloud-cloaked flying saucer prowling the skies, and some UFO hunters have linked the latest sighting with a massive lenticular cloud formation spotted over Las Vegas in New Mexico last February.

The sighting in February caused panic among local residents after rumors spread that a flying saucer mothership was hovering over the city. Many witnesses remarked that the appearance of the disc-shaped object was ominously reminiscent of scenes from the 1996 Independence Day movie.

UFO hunters argued that the cloud formation was not a lenticular cloud formation but a "cloaked" flying saucer UFO manned by Tall White Aliens allegedly linked to the U.S. military.

But local meteorologists insisted it was only a lenticular cloud formation.

Attempts by Jorge Torres, a meteorologist with KOB-TV, to calm fears about the formation over Las Vegas, New Mexico, sparked a snarky exchange, with conspiracy theorists insisting that Torres' claim that the formation was only a lenticular cloud was misleading and part of government-sponsored disinformation.

"Despite Mr. Torrres' explanation, there is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate," an enthusiast insisted.

Some UFO hunters claimed that the nearness of Las Vegas, New Mexico, to the world famous UFO hotspot Roswell, New Mexico, was circumstantial evidence that the suspicious-looking cloud was in fact an alien flying saucer.

"Um, it's obviously a spaceship from Roswell!" one enthusiast commented on social media.

UFO blogger Scott Waring floated the idea that the UFO belonged to Tall Whites Aliens, an alleged extraterrestrial race that has worked with Pentagon for several decades and maintain a secret base at the Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tall White Aliens at the Nellis AFB have worked with Pentagon on key aerospace black projects for decades, conspiracy theorists claim.

Commenting on the alleged massive "cloud-cloaked UFO" spotted hovering in broad daylight over Las Vegas, New Mexico, last February, Waring said, "There is only one species I heard of that acts this cocky, and that's the Tall Whites. They look just like us when they are children, but will grow taller after 400 years."

"Only their eyes, skin color and walk give them away," he continued. "They are known to enter Vegas, Nevada to have some fun."

According to alien and UFO conspiracy theorists, Tall White Aliens at the Nellis Air Force Base often take advantage of their physical similarity with humans to participate in Las Vegas nightlife.

Charles Hall, allegedly a former USAF weather observer, claims he worked with Tall White Aliens in the 1960s (see YouTube above).

"In 1964, when I was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, I witnessed interactions between the military and a group of mysterious tall, white, human-like extra-terrestrials," Hall claimed. "Their craft are capable of travelling faster than the speed of light because Einstein was wrong about relativity."

According to Hall, bored Tall Whites disguised in sunglasses often visited popular Las Vegas casinos, such as Stardust.

Hall claims that Tall White scientists and engineers have participated in Pentagon black projects since the 1960s under a trade agreement which requires the Tall whites to provide access to advanced aerospace technology in exchange for Earth resources that they need desperately.

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