June 29, 2017
'Friends': TV Show's 'Ugly Naked Guy's Identity Finally Revealed

Friends-inspired café has been officially opened in the Indian city of Kolkata, according to The North East Today. The café features all kinds of stuff that will be appreciated by any fan of the NBC's iconic sitcom.

The newly opened café has everything to turn every Friends' fan's eating experience into an exciting journey: from decorations to funny one-liners like Ross' "We were on a break" line. The Friends café was opened by Mahima Bachhawat and her brother Aditya, who are huge fans of the sitcom, which ended its 10-season run in May 2004.The Friends café was opened at Deshapriya Park and was designed so that every visitor could feel like they were a character from the sitcom, sitting on that lookalike couch from Friends.

Even though Friends ended its run over 12 years ago, it's still considered to be one of the best comedy series ever created on TV, according to Movie Web. But there has always been one mystery that kept the show's fans guessing for over 12 years: who was the actor behind the character known as Ugly Naked Guy?

And now the answer has finally been revealed. The revelation was made thanks to The Huffington Post's investigation, which recently shared its findings. The Friends character Ugly Naked Guy was referred to several times by the main characters but appeared in only two episodes (out of 236). His face was never shown and his identity was never revealed.

Friends never credited the role of Ugly Naked Guy to any actor, which created an even bigger mystery around it. And while Friends TV Show Wikia claimed it was actor Mike Hagerty (who also appeared as Mr. Treeger on the NBC series) who played the part, the Huffington Post got in touch with the actor and he personally denied the claim.

But what created difficulties for the investigation is the fact that Friends' casting director, Leslie Litt, could neither recall nor find in the show's records who played Ugly Naked Guy in the series. But supervising producer Todd Stevens was somewhat helpful, revealing that the crew had cast an extra to play the part.

But he still couldn't recall the actor's name. He did, however, describe the actor who played Ugly Naked Guy on Friends, saying that he had a "slightly rounder nose, big cheeks and jowl."

But Central Casting managed to recall the real identity of the actor who played the part, saying that it was Jon Haugen. The actor made two appearances as Ugly Naked Guy on Friends: one in Season 3 and then later in Season 5.

When Central Casting reached out to Haugen to confirm the news, the actor finally revealed why he decided to keep it all in such a huge secret for all these years.
"The reason I never came forward was because I was just keeping it mellow because Warner Brothers was keeping it mellow."
He added that the Friends crew wanted the show's fans to guess the identity of Ugly Naked Guy. And well, they did a splendid job, given the fact that the real identity has been revealed nearly two decades after the character's first appearance on the show.

Haugen also added that playing the part was "the best time" in his life, but there is no information about what the actor has been doing ever since his last appearance as Ugly Naked Guy in Friends Season 5.

And while it's also unclear whether or not Haugen is still acting, or whether he has any acting plans in the future, now Friends fans finally know who the man behind Ugly Naked Guy is.

[Photo by Warner Bros./Getty Images]