June 9, 2016
NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Looking At Trading For Jahlil Okafor

NBA trade rumors have the Chicago Bulls and the Philadelphia 76ers engaged in talks of a deal. Not the trade rumor that has the Bulls swapping Derrick Rose, along with Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy Jr., and a draft for Nerlens Noel. Do not expect that trade as currently constituted to take place. Both the Bulls and 76ers have something else in mind, it seems.

In Philadelphia, the conversation is centered around another NBA trade rumor.

According to Yahoo Sports, the 76ers are working diligently to try to pry guard Jeff Teague away from the Atlanta Hawks, while using Nerlens Noel as bait. There is no doubt that the Sixers would take Derrick Rose and his $21.3 million contract, but acquiring Jeff Teague seems more realistic. Also, Teague would be a better fit for the team Philadelphia is trying to put together.

As for the Bulls, they would probably trade Derrick Rose for the right return. Conventional wisdom suggests they will entertain offers for their hometown player but will be reluctant to parts ways with him. Watching Rose and Jimmy Butler work together for one more season is what the Chicago Bulls will likely settle for. That changes if they get blown out of the water with a trade offer.

It was reported by The Inquisitr recently that the Boston Celtics are preparing a big offer for Jimmy Butler. A potential trade could be a game-changer if the Bulls buck their usually conservative nature and consummate a deal. Something can be done, Where the Chicago Bulls' front office sees their franchise will be determined on the night of the NBA Draft.

If the Bulls sent Butler packing in a trade, even one with a significant return would signal a rebuilding process. If the Bulls were to trade Rose, it would mean that they are moving on. The latter could potentially be a public relations nightmare. Can the Bulls recover from alienating the fans yet again?

If the Bulls decide on going forward without their hometown product, there is a strong possibility they will replace him with another.

For the sole purpose of not revealing any plans, the Bulls do have their eyes on a player on the 76ers. While the Bulls would love to have Noel, there is a particular post player whom they covet. Rumblings about the Bulls' interest in center Jahlil Okafor keeps picking up steam.

CSN Chicago ran an original report of the Bulls possibly having interest in Jahlil Okafor back in April. As it seems, that interest has not waned one bit. The Bulls have reportedly more interest in Jahlil Okafor than they do Nerlens Noel. According to Yibada, a trade involving Derrick Rose for Okafor has been talked about, yet rebuffed as a return of just Rose is not enough.

As good as Okafor can become, he is not there yet. For the Bulls to give up Rose may be too much already. What could possibly happen is a three-way trade, which would really shake things up. Otherwise, like most NBA trade rumors, things will fall flat.

One possible trade scenario has the Bulls sending Derrick Rose to the Hawks and Nikola Mirotic and one future draft pick to the 76ers. The Hawks would send Jeff Teague and their first-round pick to Philadelphia, receiving Nerlens Noel and a draft choice from the Bulls. The Bulls would get Jahlil Okafor in return.

This trade prosposal gives Atlanta a potential star in Rose for one year. He and guard Dennis Schroder can work together in the backcourt. The Hawks would have an athletic guard combination. In Noel, they would receive a rim-protector with a huge upside.

As for the 76ers, they get back the point guard they covet in Teague and a solid player, with star potential, who needs a change of scenery in Mirotic. The two draft picks would conceivably offset the loss of Noel and Okafor at some point.

The Bulls, while giving up a lot, get the player they covet in Jahlil Okafor. Losing the draft picks would hurt the Bulls, but that is the price they would have to pay for a player with the offensive potential that Okafor has.

It is also possible that the Bulls could pursue other avenues for a scoring big. If the 76ers' asking price is more than what the Bulls are looking to part with, they could walk away from the deal. A situation to keep an eye on is how the Detroit Pistons get along with center Andre Drummond. Lastly, the Bulls could opt not to trade either Derrick Rose or Jimmy Butler. They could make a run at Dwight Howard, Hassan Whiteside, and Al Horford. If the Minnesota Timberwolves are serious about their interest in the Bulls Joakim Noah, center Nikola Pekovic may wind up available. He would be a perfect stopgap for the Chicago Bulls.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]