June 9, 2016
Drake Juventus Outfit: 4 Bad Rumors Why Drizzy Rocks 'Juve'

Drake's "Juve" wear sparks soccer controversy across the internet. Is Juventus Drizzy's new team? Maybe?

There's a lot of speculation surrounding Drake's Juventus photos. While Drizzy's pictures circulate the internet at rapid speed, rumors also accompany their travels.

Here's what you need to know.

According to several sources, there is both good and bad speculation behind Drake's Juve photos. With this in mind, there are four, bad Drizzy rumors listed below. You choose which one to believe.

1. "Drake has no loyalty."

While Drizzy is keenly loyal to OVO and its affiliations, there are soccer fans who believe that his constant club-hopping only shows how unstable of a "football enthusiast" Drake is in reality.

According to FanSided, Drizzy should apply certain loyalty principles — whether for Juventus or any other teams with which he has supposedly jumped aboard — and show some devotion to one club only, "instead of the entire league," says the source.

Is this a coincidence?

Some soccer fans say that Drake's loyalty to Chelsea's Didier is similar to the loyalty Drizzy shows alleged girlfriends. Soccer fans can be ruthless.

2. "Drake is hiding his real personality."

There are some people who believe Drizzy doesn't want the world to see his real personality. So in essence, according to these opinions, he hides behind the characters he portrays. Well, that's what GQ Magazine mentions, as it pertains to Drake's Juventus outfit.

Can you peg Drizzy's true character? GQ lists a few as follows.

"One day he's being goofy on SNL, the next he's posturing like a mob boss. One day he's saying things like 'Man's never been in Marquee when it's shutdown, ay?' and then he's speaking in crystal-clear, Americanized English."
If you had to name his Juventus look, would this be Drake the Athlete? Well, don't forget, Drizzy's quite the fan of basketball as well.3. "Drake just wants attention."

According to Fader, one fan called Drizzy "Pink Panther Papi." Drake is no stranger to ridicule. The Views artist knows that it comes with the territory. There's a spotlight that has been cast on him since he began floating near or at his pinnacle.

So, does Drizzy really need any extra attention?

That answer is possibly a fat "no." However, this rumor could hold some validity. As the saying goes, "there's no such thing as bad publicity." Whether Drake is doing it for attention or not, his Juventus posts have made him trend once again. And, that's what matters, right?

4. "Drake has an endorsement from Adidas."

Well, that's just wrong from the jump. As you know, Drizzy has a strict contract with Nike. And seeing as how that's an Adidas jersey Drake is wearing in the Juventus photo, where's the Adidas logo?

Has Drizzy been playing with Photoshop?

That seems to be the social consensus. And for this, Drake is catching a little heat for editing out the logo. However, he would catch a lot more if he had kept the logo on the Juve jersey, as a breach of contract and conflict of interest — no? You can see the "Adidas" brand in the photo below.

Interestingly enough, Juventus responded to Drake's photo in a "Hotline Bling" coin-of-phrase, stating, "Call us on our cell phone?"In Drake's "Charged Up," the prequel Meek Mill diss track to "Back to Back," he mentions that he always hears a lot of rumors. However, in those same lyrics, Drizzy says that they don't do anyone "any good." Is it possible that these rumors are relevant to those lyrics?

All in all, Drake's Juventus apparel might not mean anything at all. Rumors are rumors, no? What are your thoughts concerning Drizzy's photos? Do you agree with any of the rumors? Feel free to share your response in the comments below.

[Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP Images]