J.K. Rowling Building Hogwarts Tree Houses For Kids

I guess it’s true. You can take J.K. Rowling out of Hogwarts, but you can’t take Hogwarts out of J.K. Rowling. Heck, soon you won’t be able to do either (at least without a warrant). Reports are saying that the acclaimed Harry Potter author is building two Hogwarts-inspired tree houses, fit for a wizard.

Though fans are bracing themselves for Rowling’s new book, the author herself seems to be having a bit of fun and revisiting the world she created for her Harry Potter series. Though her stuffy muggle neighbors are complaining, the City of Edinburgh Council gave Rowling the go-ahead to build two Hogwarts-esque tree houses in her garden for her children.

Each structure will be about 40 feet tall, and will feature the tall conical roofs and turreted windows that the Hogwarts Castle is known for, courtesy of the Harry Potter film franchise. The sketches submitted to the council also show that they will be built on wooden stilts and connected by a rope bridge. Lanterns above the doors, a spiral staircase, balconies, and a trap door will also be included.

I don’t think you even need to be a Harry Potter fan to wish you were one of Rowling’s kids right now.

More than a few of Rowling’s neighbors have attempted to block the building of the tree houses, arguing that they may be visible from the road and would make for an unsightly fixture in an otherwise serene landscape. Well, expelliarmus and confundo we say to them!

In any case, the council approved of the Hogwarts tree houses, silencio-ing her critics. Mischief managed, Rowling.