Tykables Adult Diaper Flagship Store Has Mt. Prospect Crying For ABDL Fetish Shop Closure [Video]

Residents in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, are crying over a new store that caters to the Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) community. Tykables is an online retailer of products for people that are into infantilism or have medical issues such as urinary incontinence.

This is the fetish shop’s first flagship location, and John-Michael Williams, one of the owners of Tykables, is excited to provide a service for grownups who derive pleasure from wearing diapers and pretending to be an infant through roleplay or fantasy.

“Things for people to come and play, take pictures with. Not everybody has access to a nursery.”

Williams promotes the business on social media, and a YouTube video features him wearing a diaper while taking viewers on a tour of the nursery that houses a six-foot pile of disposable diapers and adult size nursery equipment that includes a rocking horse, a crib, a playpen, high chair, a ball pit, and a promised continuing collection of toys.


The citizens of Mt. Prospect are extremely upset that the ABDL fetish shop is in an area that is near schools, and they are a little leery of what they consider a pornographic hang out in their midst. As a result, many residents either want it moved or closed. The fact that the windows are covered, the doors are locked, and you need an appointment to get in is also making them uneasy and has them speculating about what is taking place in the store.

“He’s getting his party go in there, and we’re supposed to sit back and watch.”

At a village hall meeting Tuesday night, they called upon Mayor Arlene Juracek to do something, but she said her hands are tied because the ABDL retailer isn’t breaking any laws.

“When you look at the codes and all the definitions, there’s nothing pornographic about it, there’s nothing that would violate any sense of decency. In addition to the parental concerns many of you have expressed, what we have here is quite personally one of a mayor’s worst nightmares.”

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Brandon Richards lives in the area and isn’t happy that the community is being confronted with the issue of infantilism.

“It’s hard for us to swallow in this community. This is not the community that I moved to.”

Another resident Greg Suarez echoed Richards sentiment.

“It’s really weird, especially for this area, when I found about it it was just kind of a shock, I didn’t know people like that stuff.”

John-Michael Williams talked to WGNTV about the controversy, and he seems to understand that a great deal of the negative reactions to ABDL is based on a lack of understanding.

“The biggest concerns come from people who don’t understand our business and what we do.”

At least one resident at the village hall meeting supported what Tykables is trying to do and seems to be swallowing what Williams is dishing out.

“They’re not having sex with their diapers on, they’re having people feed them and act like a baby.”

The Daily Mail consulted Tyomi Morgan, a Chicago-based sexuality coach who confirmed that diaper fetishists are not pedophiles and said that sexual expression is fine as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else.

“These fetish players are not aroused by the idea of having sex with children. They are aroused by the idea of playing as children, wearing the clothing, being treated like babies. This desire hurts no one.”

However, the residents of Mt. Prospect are not giving up. They are asking city officials to look at how Tykables was able to open their infantilism entertainment hub in their area, and many suspect that there was some level of deception involved in getting the ABDL fetish store’s business license.

How would you feel about a store that catered to Adult Baby Diaper Lovers moving into your community? Sound off in the comment section.

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