A Rodent Invasion In The Upper West Side Prompts The Hanging Of Rat Crossing Signs [Video]

New York City, NY – One New Yorker became so fed up with rodents scurrying around his neighborhood that he decided to hang up rat crossing signs. Although the furry residents obviously cannot read the signs, Joseph Bolanos hopes the plastic, yellow placards get the attention of Manhattan officials.

Bolanos, the West 76th Street Block Association president, admits the “Rat-Xing” emblems with the image of a big black rodent in the middle might be construed as “flippant” but notes has grown weary of dealing with the pesky little creatures on a daily basis, NBC News reports.

“A woman in the building next door said she could hear the rats outside screaming and screeching. I’ve heard neighbors thinking someone got attacked outside because they hear shrieks, but it was just people who were passing by running with the fear of God in them from all of the rats frolicking like it’s Cirque du Soleil,” Bolanos stated during the interview.

Upper West Side residents infuriated over the growing rat problem feel the invasion began and continues because construction workers leave lunch trash at a nearby worksite. The street block president and fellow Manhattan residents irritated with the ongoing problem call the construction zone a virtual “buffet” for the unwelcome rodents, Fox News reports.

New York City Councilwoman Gale Brewer garnered $50,000 to pay for public trash cans with built-in compactors to cut down on loose trash in the 76th Street area.

Although the signs taped to light poles may seem humorous, Upper West Side citizens are not laughing. Significant quality of life issues have been raised at public meetings and during “Rat Academy” informational meetings hosted by the local health department.