Stephanie Hollman’s Husband Defends Her In Twitter Argument With LeeAnne Locken And Tiffany Hendra

Is Tiffany Hendra lying about not hearing her friend and co-star LeeAnne Locken’s outrageous verbal attack on Marie Reyes during the cast’s stay in Austin? On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Tiffany maintained that she slept through the altercation. Everyone else besides LeeAnne made it clear that they thought she was lying. Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman in particular thought it was impossible that Tiffany would have slept through it, given the volume at which LeeAnne yelled and how long it went on for.

On social media and on their blogs, the women maintained their respective stances. Now, even one of the husbands has even interjected himself in the drama. When Tiffany lashed out at Stephanie on Twitter for saying in her blog that Tiffany lied about not hearing the incident, Stephanie’s husband, Travis Hollman, stepped in to defend his wife.

A viewer tweeted that after reading Stephanie’s blog post on the episode, she now believes Tiffany to be as worse as LeeAnne.

The viewer’s tweet apparently led Tiffany to read Stephanie’s blog. Tiffany took issue with Stephanie stating in her blog that the room that Tiffany slept in was directly off the kitchen, where LeeAnne’s verbal attack on Marie took place. Tiffany tweeted that the room was actually down a long foyer, after a pantry, laundry room, and bathroom.

Travis didn’t like what Tiffany wrote to his wife. Travis explained that the bedroom that Tiffany was sharing with LeeAnne is just 50 feet from the kitchen and is the closest bedroom to the kitchen. Travis pointed out that he should know since he built the house.

Tiffany replied to say that 50 feet from the kitchen isn’t the same thing as just off the kitchen. Tiffany added that regardless of exactly how far away her room was, she was passed out cold.

While some people praised Travis for getting involved and defending his wife, others told him to stay out of the women’s drama. Yet instead of staying out of the women’s drama, Travis agreed with a viewer who stated that anyone who is close friends with LeeAnne for 20 years is as messed up as her.

LeeAnne then got involved in the argument. She tweeted that another bedroom was technically closer to the kitchen since she and Tiffany had to walk past that door to get to their room.

Travis corrected LeeAnne, tweeting that the other bedroom actually sits behind the bedroom that she and Tiffany stayed in. Travis again pointed out that as the builder and owner of the home, he knows what he’s talking about.

In response to a viewer who wondered whether LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra were truly challenging the man who built the house, Tiffany explained that what she really has a problem with is Stephanie Hollman calling her a liar for saying she was passed out.

According to Tiffany, she was passed out cold and didn’t hear anything. She added that she didn’t know what happened until LeeAnne told her the next morning.

In response to a viewer who pointed out that LeeAnne’s yelling woke up everyone in the house, including those who were the drunkest, Tiffany reminded her that she had some fireball drinks.

On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, during the ride to Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman’s Austin vacation home, Brandi let slip that she knew the story of LeeAnne Locken once pooping on herself years ago. Not surprisingly, LeeAnne was infuriated that the story got out. She suspected that it was her old friend Marie Reyes, who was the only other person there besides Tiffany Hendra when it happened, who told.

After dinner and lots of drinking during the first night, everyone went to bed. After the camera crew left, everyone, besides Tiffany, according to her, was woken up by loud screaming. The women heard LeeAnne screaming threats at Marie, even going so far as saying she was going to gut her and kill her. Even Brandi, who had so much alcohol that she was visibly drunk during dinner, was woken up by the screaming. While Brandi and Stephanie stayed in their rooms, Cary Deuber grabbed her camera and filmed some of the screaming as proof of LeeAnne’s shocking behavior.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Marie, in an interview after The Real Housewives of Dallas aired, denied being the one who leaked the poop story. According to Marie, Tiffany Hendra’s the culprit.

In her blog post, Stephanie Hollman explained how terrifying LeeAnne Locken was. Stephanie made clear that there was no way Tiffany wouldn’t have heard the screaming.

“The room LeeAnne and Tiffany shared was located directly outside the kitchen where the threats took place. It is located next to the room Brandi and I shared. I heard LeeAnne and Tiffany talking quietly for a while. I could hear Marie sobbing as she walked up the stairs. Cary came downstairs to make sure Brandi and I were okay. She and Courtney were awakened and startled by the screaming. They heard everything, too. It was a terrifying experience for all of us and we could not imagine how Marie must have felt. This is the first time I have ever felt unsafe and terrified in my own home.”

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