June 9, 2016
Lawson Bates, Emily Ann Roberts Recording Music Together In Nashville

If you are a fan of Bringing Up Bates, then you have seen Lawson Bates and know that he is an amazing singer. It turns out that Lawson is now headed to Nashville to record music with Emily Ann Roberts of The Voice. These two will be the perfect match musically. She was the runner-up during the show The Voice in 2015 and was on Team Blake. The Christian Beat shared the details about Lawson and Emily Ann recording music together.

Lawson and Emily Ann will be recording the song "I Have Decided" together. Grammy-award winning Andy Leftwich is the one who wrote the arrangement that these two will do and will also produce the single for them. Lawson also has a second album coming out soon that Andy Leftwich will produce. No word on how soon fans will get to hear this new music from Lawson Bates of Bringing Up Bates, but everyone is excited at the idea.

Emily Ann and Lawson Bates are both from Knoxville. They were attending a signing there and Emily's friends knew who Lawson was and made sure to get them introduced. Things worked out and now the two will be recording a song together. Emily Ann Roberts already knew who Lawson was before their introduction. It turns out that this was what started it all for them and their new music.

This also could lead to a few rumors about a romance brewing. Lawson Bates is still single and at the perfect age to court someone. Emily Ann Roberts and Lawson Bates would make a cute couple. Emily is a lot younger than Lawson, though. Lawson is 23 years old, while Emily Ann is just 17 years old. Their voices will blend together beautifully even if they aren't more than just friends.

Radar Online shared last year that there were rumors that Lawson Bates was courting Jinger Duggar, but if they were true, it looks like nothing ever came out of it. Both of them have their own reality shows, but neither one of them made any kind of announcement that they were more than just friends spending time together. Everyone knows that at some point, a Duggar and a Bates are going to end up together.

Right now a new season of Bringing Up Bates is airing on UP. The new episodes will air on Thursday nights. They recently just aired several specials, but now it is time for the new episodes. It would be great if Lawson Bates and Emily Ann Roberts recording their song ends up getting featured on the show.

Extra TV shared about what Emily Ann Roberts had planned after she finished her time on The Voice. At the time, she explained what kind of music she wanted to make in the future.

"I want to start writing a lot and I want to put something together that is truly me and who I am. I think that is what I'm most focused on right now. I want to take what I've learned here and go home and work on it even more and build on it."
She went on to explain that she wanted her music to be kind of like the Dixie Chicks, saying, "They are that perfect mix of country and bluegrass and that's exactly who I am. So I would definitely have tons of bluegrass influences but it will be a solid country album."

Are you excited to hear the new music coming out from Lawson Bates and Emily Ann Roberts of The Voice? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss watching Lawson on Bringing Up Bates when it returns to UP.

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