June 29, 2017
Stevie J And Mimi Faust To Confront Promise B. Mae Over Paternity Allegations On 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is bound to turn up the drama in the next episode when they introduce Promise B. Mae to the VH1 reality hit. As teased in the commercials, Stevie J and Mimi Faust are headed to visit Promise and to confirm whether or not Joseline Hernandez was lying about Stevie having a secret child with the aspiring rapper.

According to VH1, Mimi wants to find out if Stevie really has at least one more kid that she didn't know about. When she and Stevie J show up to Promise B. Mae's house to confront her about allegations that she was raising Stevie's child, Mimi came with her very own DNA test. Check out the sneak peek showing when Mimi and Stevie confront Promise and Mimi whips out a DNA test below.

There's no denying that Stevie J did have an affair with Promise B. Mae a few years back. While the drama never played out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta until now, there was still plenty written about Stevie and Promise in the blogs after she reportedly dumped him for cheating. The funny part is that Stevie J was very publicly with Joseline Hernandez at the time.

Reality Wives recently posted a lengthy story written by Promise B. Mae herself. The post detailed her entire relationship with Stevie J, from the day she met him until the day she left him. It even gives details about a very steamy threesome she had with Stevie and Joseline Hernandez. There are details about Promise getting pregnant with Stevie J's baby in the post, but she never went into full detail about whether she kept the baby or got an abortion.

It turns out that Promise may not have had an abortion and now she has a 2-year old daughter that may be fathered by Stevie J. On the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, fans will see Mimi and Stevie confront his potential baby mama. They may even meet the little girl whom Promise says is fathered by Stevie.

When Promise is questioned about the little girl, we can see in the clip that she offers to show her to Mimi and Stevie. So far, there aren't pictures of the little girl posted on social media, and her mother has been pretty elusive and doesn't show her off. Fans want to see Stevie's spawn to see for themselves if she looks at him at all. After all, Stevie J has some pretty strong features, and all of his kids strongly resemble him.

Many think this baby will probably look like Stevie too, if she is actually his child. If not, it's going to look like Promise B. Mae brought this all up during the LHHATL season in order to gain some fame for herself. Considering that her affair with Stevie could have gained Promise plenty of fame in the blogs and on the VH1 show, but she insists that even the pregnancy information that got leaked was all due to a jealous friend and was never leaked by her at all.

There are rumors that Stevie J has another new kid out there and fans don't even know the details about that yet. Not to mention that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is going to trial in December to resolve a child support dispute with the mother of two of his older kids. He reportedly owes $1.1 million in back child support for his nearly adult children.

Do you think Promise B. Mae really is the mother to another of Stevie J's children? How will Mimi Faust take the news if that is the case? Tell us what you think of this newest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta drama in the comments section below.

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