‘Vanderpump Rules’ News: Jax Taylor Reveals James Kennedy Was Possibly Fired From SUR

Jax Taylor and James Kennedy are obviously not friends on Vanderpump Rules. These two have butted heads for a while, and now Jax is sharing that his dream may have come true. Fashion & Style shared that James was allegedly fired from SUR as a DJ and a server. This would mean that Jax wouldn’t have to deal with him at all unless Lisa Vanderpump decided to keep him around for Vanderpump Rules. They do have mutual friends and could end up at the same parties from time to time.

Jax went to his Twitter page and shared saying, “I hear @SurRestaurant and Pump are looking for a new DJ, apply with in. Lol.” After that, Jax deleted the tweet for some reason. Bravo may have told him to take it down so that he didn’t spoil anything about the show. It is pretty obvious that Jax had to be talking about James Kennedy and was excited about the idea of James being gone. This could have meant that James was fired or quit on his own, but nobody knows for sure. Lisa has got onto James for the way he acts before and didn’t allow him to DJ for a bit.

As the Inquisitr shared, James Kennedy was recently kicked off an airplane for being intoxicated and after having a fight with LaLa Kent before getting on the plane. LaLa Kent went ahead and got on the plane, but James stayed behind with his new girlfriend until he could sober up. This could be a pretty good reason for James to get fired because Lisa doesn’t put up with him acting this way. A source shared what they saw go down between them.

“He and LaLa were screaming at each other in the terminal. It looked like a classic drunken fight between friends…I’m pretty sure it was LaLa telling James to get it together before getting on the plane. Right before they closed the doors, the airline worker said James couldn’t get on because he was too drunk. LaLa got on the plane and Raquel stayed back at the airport with James.”

After this news had come out that he might have been fired, James Kennedy went to his Twitter account and made it sound like he had found a new job as a DJ. This could be because of allegedly being fired from SUR, or it could be simply because James was going to work at more than one place.

Sources say that James Kennedy was not fired from Vanderpump Rules though and is currently filming the show. That means that he will be on the show next season. If James did get fired, then that could all go down on a future episode of the show when it returns to Bravo. Fans would love to see it.

This is not the first rumor to claim that James Kennedy was fired from Vanderpump Rules. Star Pulse recently shared that James had revealed that this was not true at all. James went to Twitter and replied to a fan who was asking if this was true.

“Also, word on the street is that James Kennedy & Lala Kent won’t be back for season 5 of #PumpRules thoughts,” one person wrote, tagging James in the tweet. But he was quick to set the record straight, saying, “Word on what street? I haven’t heard of this street.”

Do you think that Lisa Vanderpump fired James Kennedy from SUR? Do you feel like James needs to be fired to realize it is time to get his act together? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Vanderpump Rules when it returns to Bravo.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Timberland]