June 9, 2016
Dell XPS 13 And Microsoft Surface Book Feel Downgraded After Latest Windows 10 Update

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Update feels like a downgrade to some. There have been complaints about erratic touchpad behavior, Sleep problems, and just about everything else. One only has to look at many of the new Windows 10 posts at Reddit to see the Windows 10 complaints are starting to get out of hand.

One user named JerBBa is having mouse problems.

"Each time I click mouse 1, it's like I click it 3 or more times. Some times it doesn't register any clicks either. It's like I have auto clicker on all the time. I've tried updating drivers, tried reinstalling drivers, tried rebooting, there's no viruses or anything. What could be causing this?"
Microsoft Surface Book
The latest Windows 10 updates don't blend well with the Surface Book. [Photo via Daryl Deino]The author of this article isn't having problems using a Bluetooth mouse with the Surface Book and the Dell XPS 13. However, the actual touchpad on both devices now feels like the software for it went through a quality check by a drunk intern. The problem with clicks not registering (especially on the lower-left side of the touchpad) has returned with a vengeance. Sometimes, it's just better to skip the frustration and use a mouse.

2016 Dell XPS 13
The almost-perfect Dell XPS 13 has been problematic with the latest Windows 10 update. [Photo via Daryl Deino]The latest update also doesn't always want the Surface Book or Dell XPS 13 to go to sleep, but this isn't a constant problem. When pressing the Power button, the computers will (at times) go to sleep and wake up -- sometimes instantly. Perhaps the Surface Book and XPS 13 are just having bad dreams, but that shouldn't be an excuse when you pay more than $1500 for a laptop that should work all the time.

Even IT Pro notes that there have been issues with the latest Windows 10 update. However, they at least offer one main common sense solution: Turn off forced updates!

"If you're anything like us, you set up previous Windows releases so that they wouldn't install updates automatically - one forced reboot is one too many. To be fair to Microsoft, Windows 10 handles post-update reboots much more elegantly, but we'd still rather be in control from the outset."
Twitter has been filled with complaints about the latest Windows 10 update.
Surprisingly, one of the programs that the update has experienced issues with is the Windows Store app, and, according to the Inquirer, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue.
"Microsoft has rushed to fix problems experienced by customers trying to move to the recently updated version of Windows Store. People have been unable to update to the newer version of the application, available for Windows 10 build 14342, and have rushed to the Microsoft forums to complain."
The article adds that some people have been getting a "0x80073cf3" error.

"This is a new issue that was discovered after the app was published to the Store. No users are able to install this newest Store app version. There's a packaging conflict in the app which prevents install," claimed a Microsoft rep. It appears that the problem has been fixed since there haven't been any recent complaints.

While Microsoft's Windows 10 update may be causing problems, the Windows 10 operating system has been a huge hit for Microsoft since its release in July of 2015. Some people say it's almost as good as Apple's OS X, and others say that it's even better. Have you used Microsoft Windows 10 for the past year? If so, what is your opinion of the operating system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]