'Teen Mom 2': Nathan Griffith Blasts Jenelle Evans, Calling Her Fat And A Druggie

With Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 coming to a close this week, things did not wrap up too nicely for Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. According to Design & Trend, Nathan Griffith and the mother of his son, Kaiser, will go head-to-head in the reunion special next week.

In the sneak peek preview of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion special, Nathan accuses his ex and David Eason of using drugs.

"My son is in an unstable environment with two drug addicts. When you see weed in the background and smoking constantly. Now you have these mysterious illnesses? You're not capable of taking care of [Kaiser]. You are totally unstable with all these medical illnesses, all these drug abuse problems."
Nathan is not sure Jenelle has "medical problems" and "mysterious illnesses" at all. During the sneak peak, he implies that what she calls medical problems may be drug problems.
Despite Nathan Griffith claiming to be concerned about the well-being of his son Kaiser in Jenelle's care, he recently signed a joint-custody agreement, according to International Business Times. Within the custody agreement, it was decided that Jenelle would be the primary custodian of Kaiser and Nathan would see his son every other weekend.
Griffith made the remark about Jenelle and her new boyfriend David being drug users after Jenelle made fun of him for having a suspended driver's license.

When Jenelle questioned whether or not Nathan had ever gotten his suspended license back. His response was, "Well yeah, don't you think I got it back a long time ago?" However, when Dr. Drew asked Nathan whether he had gotten his license back he said he hadn't and he was still in the process of getting it back.

Jenelle finds humor in the fact that Nathan has had such a long time to get his license back. She commented on the fact that he has been able to get it back since September and hasn't. He corrected her saying that he has had since January to reinstate it. Jenelle responds, in a somewhat sarcastic tone, that he's had plenty of time to get it back and didn't understand why he hadn't gotten it back yet.

As documented on Teen Mom 2, there was a time where Evans had a marijuana and heroin problem. She, according to Us Weekly, adamantly insists that she is sober and has been sober since she was treated for her addiction problems.

Instead of making any remarks to what Nathan had to say about Jenelle and her boyfriend having drug problems, Jenelle decided to take the argument into a different direction.

"Sorry, I'm not with you anymore."
Nathan Griffith almost immediately lashes back at the mother of his son, "I don't want you to be with me. I mean, how much pounds have you gained? You gained like 30 or 40 pounds, didn't you?"
During the argument between the two in the preview, Jenelle criticizes Nathan Griffith for his poor parenting skills. According to Jenelle, Nathan does not have any of the necessary equipment he needs to properly care for Kaiser.
"He has no highchair, he has no sippy-cups, he doesn't have food for him."
Jenelle went on to talk about how Nathan was living in a one-bedroom apartment and didn't even have any extra space for Kaiser. Nathan claims that Jenelle offers his son an unstable living environment, but with no space – and no necessary gear for Kaiser – Jenelle wants to know why Nathan thinks his living situation offers Kaiser more stability.

Don't miss the reunion special of Teen Mom 2 Season 7 to see how Evans responds to Nathan on Monday, June 13, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

[Image via Twitter/Nathan Griffith]