Nick Jonas Reunites With Brothers Joe and Kevin To Support Dad’s New Restaurant, Welcome To Nellie’s Southern Kitchen

It looks like Nick Jonas has reunited with brothers Joe and Kevin. However, it is not what you think. The boys got together to help their parents, Kevin and Denise, celebrate the opening of a brand new family business. They have a new restaurant opening up next week called Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, and they had a special preview party by inviting 165 people to give them just a little taste of what is to come.

As the name states, this place will feature some home southern cooking, but Tuesday had a little extra flair added to it with the help of a trio of guys that the world knows as the Jonas Brothers. According to the Gaston Gazette, the threesome came together to help support this new business venture that their dad has embarked on.

Nick, along with Joe and Kevin, were in attendance which caused some excitement among those who are still big fans of the Jobros. Little brother Frankie was there, as well as Kevin’s wife, Danielle, and their adorable daughter, Alena Rose. Danielle and Kevin are expecting baby number two in a few months, and you can see her growing baby bump in the family photo.

There was also some familiar music provided by Joe Jonas and his group DNCE. They played their mega hit, “Cake By the Ocean,” and even had Denise Jonas dancing to the music holding her two-year-old granddaughter while greeting and hugging their guests. Nick was mingling, Joe was singing, and Kevin was having a meet and greet with a few fans. It was fun to see the whole Jonas family together again.

Papa Jonas bought this building in the quaint city of Belmont, North Carolina as a way to honor his grandmother’s cooking and to bring people together through good food. In another tribute to the lady who made an impact in his life, there is a portrait of Nellie Jonas hanging up that seems to be the main attraction, besides the food.

Grandma Jonas is seen in the portrait wearing a Southern Belle dress complete with a decoration of cooking utensils hanging from her waist, including a cast iron skillet. She is holding a banjo and also has a rooster sitting on her arm. It is quite intriguing and seems to add a family-feel to the restaurant. Mr. Jonas added an explanation as to why he chose Belmont to set up this establishment.

“Even though we were poor growing up, this is the place we called home. It had the best people in the world and the best food. Every day my grandmother would come home with cotton in her hair, just like you see in that portrait, and make the most amazing chicken and dumplings, biscuits and gravy. And hopefully this is our way of paying honor to her and all the good people of Belmont.”

The senior Jonas worked in a cotton mill while he was in high school, as well as the rest of his family all those years ago. The restaurant looks like it has a homey atmosphere to it and the preview party was a big hit.

Many may have been surprised that Nick Jonas stepped foot in North Carolina as the news site noted that the 23-year-old musician had canceled a concert date in that state due to the recent transgender bathroom law. He and tour mate, Demi Lovato, were supposed to play in Charlotte on June 30 but chose to cancel to help support the transgender community. However, family is definitely important to the Jonas crew and he probably wouldn’t miss this exciting celebration for his dad despite all of that.

Nick Jonas sings about bacon.

Nick has just released a music video of one of his new singles from his upcoming album. The song is simply called “Bacon” and depicts him dancing around a diner and singing about the crispy breakfast meat along with Ty Dolla $ign. He explained to EW what the song’s meaning really is about.

“It’s actually about that moment when you’re out of a relationship and some of the emotional feelings are done and you start to realize it’s going to be okay, and that life moves on. And life is so good in fact that you should throw bacon on it and make it that much better, because bacon makes everything better.”

He is definitely right about bacon making everything taste better. His dad might even have that on his menu because after all, bacon is a big part of a good southern meal.

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen will be opening its doors to the public on Monday, June 13. Look for Nick Jonas to release his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, on Friday, June 10. With a new business, new music, and another baby on the way, the Jonas family has a lot to celebrate.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York Magazine]