Minnesota Bus Driver Leaves Preschooler At Homeless Shelter [Video]

Minneapolis, MN – A four-year-old girl was dropped off at a homeless shelter at the end of her first day of preschool because the bus driver did not know where she lived. LadyOurlove McInnis’ mother, LadyAshley Myers, frantically called the school looking for her child when she did not return home, the Daily Mail reports.

The homeless facility is the final stop of the daily route and is miles from where McInnis lives. After doing a head count, a facility staffer realized she had an extra child and contacted the school.

“They told me they wanted to put her in a taxi cab and send her home. I told her, you’re not going to put my four-year-old in a taxi cab,” Myers stated during a KARE11.com interview.

LadyOurLove screamed out for her mommy upon when she arrived at the homeless shelter, but staffers did not allow the pair to reunite until the confirming the parent’s identity. LadyAshley Myers is calling for the Bryn Mawr Elementary bus driver’s termination. Even though the preschooler enjoyed her first day in class, her mother maintains she is still “traumatized” by the incident.

“My daughter has not slept in the bed with me since she was two years old. Last night, she slept in a bed with me because she was upset. She didn’t want to go to school today, but I told her it’s okay to go to school. Mommy will be there to drop you off and I’ll be there to pick you up,” Myers told KARE11.com.

The preschool student’s address tag was eventually found in the elementary parking lot. Bryn Mawr policy requires the district office be contacted if bus drivers are unclear about a student’s address. A reprimand was issued to the employee for failing to follow district standards.