‘The Bachelorette’ 2016: Alex Woytkiw Shares His Thoughts On Chad Johnson

This week on The Bachelorette, everyone got to see the crazy side of Chad Johnson and a lot of people do not like him. Alex Woytkiw actually ended up on a one-on-one date alongside him, and now Alex is speaking out and sharing his thoughts on Chad. E! Online got the chance to catch up with Alex Woytkiw and find out all the details on what he thinks.

Chad is finally gone, and everyone couldn’t be happier, including Alex Woytkiw. When it came to talking about Chad, Alex went on a conference call with reporters and revealed all. He even shared a few spoilers about what everyone is going to see next week.

“He shows up to the guys’ house where we’re all staying. At the time, I was actually with JoJo, so I can’t comment on what happens. I thought about it, like, ‘Man, what if this guy actually comes to break up me and JoJo here?’ Fortunately he didn’t, but he actually went and did that with the guys.”

Alex Woytkiw did talk about how Chad threatened to find him after their date. He even told Jordan Rodgers that he would find him after the show by coming to his house. Alex isn’t too scared of him, though. He revealed his thoughts.

“I would say Chad is a chihuahua, he likes to bark. So I’m not concerned for myself or any other guy in the house of any threats he’s made because he was a big talker, and I think the show showed that. He never did anything physical because he wasn’t going to do anything physical. He just liked to threaten people.”

Alex went on to explain that he really respected the fact that The Bachelorette had a security guard added to the house just to make everyone feel better. There are guys that had to sleep in the same room as Chad, and he thinks that having that security guard was just making them feel like the show did have their back. He went on to explain the details.

“I never thought that the producers were going to have to jump in. For me, I think it was after the second episode when I told him to stop cutting people off and he put his finger an inch away from my face and was telling me he was going to knock out my teeth, and when no one actually stepped in during that type of confrontation, I kind of figured, alright we’re on our own here. They’re going to let things roll and let everything fall into the place that they will, and if it gets out of control, maybe they’ll jump in. But you pretty much have someone saying he’s going to punch me in the face and knock out my teeth and no one came over and stopped that, so at that point, you’re just like, this is real. This is not some production, this is really happening.”

Alex Woytkiw went on to explain that Chad was really just a bad guy. He doesn’t feel like it was just him looking like a villain, but Alex really thinks that Chad didn’t need to be edited to look like a bad guy because it would happen anyway.

Reality TV World shared that JoJo thinks Alex Woytkiw is a great guy as well. She shared that he makes her feel better no matter how stressful things are in the house. Hopefully, viewers will get to see more of Alex Woytkiw soon.

Do you agree with what Alex Woytkiw had to say about Chad Johnson? Are you glad to see that JoJo Fletcher kept Alex around for another week? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Mondays on ABC.

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