Niall Horan Starstruck For Pele As Girlfriend Rumors Reveal Golf Connection

Niall Horan has been doing many good deeds over the past couple of months, but this worldwide celebrity shows that even he can be starstruck in a way that mimics the behavior of his excited fans. In addition, there are also new rumors that Niall Horan may have a girlfriend, and it is entirely possible he met her through his golf squad.

However, Niall Horan’s main focus outside of music always seems to be charity. Niall Horan has recently shown, once again, that he is a good Samaritan and has been using his break from One Direction to give back to several good causes.

On top of organizing a celebrity golf event that raised over $1 million, Niall Horan joined up with band mate Louis Tomlinson to raise money for the world food problem that affects children, according to a June 7 report from Teen Vogue.

Niall Horan is One Direction's main philanthropist

Along with having a lot of fun and raising “millions of [British] pounds,” Niall Horan had a chance to meet some of his fans.

While Niall Horan gives freely without wanting for himself in many ways with his own fans, he did have a special treat at the Soccer AID charity event for Unicef that he played with Louis Tomlinson.

This titillating moment for Niall Horan was meeting one of the top soccer/football players of all times: Pele from Brazil.

Although Pele is retired, he made a celebrity appearance for the Soccer AID event and posed for a photo with Niall Horan. Following that, Niall Horan posted the picture on Instagram, and to say he was gushing about the instance of meeting Pele is an understatement.

The caption Niall Horan posted around June 8 about Pele stated that it was “an honor” to meet him and that the moment “nearly brought a tear to my eye.”

Obviously, Niall Horan feels the same way about Pele that many of his fans feel about Niall Horan. Sadly, fans that want a more personal connection to Niall Horan may have a hard time reaching him if he is actually dating someone new.

According to Metro, Niall Horan recently kindled a romance with a woman named Chloe Sims. The rumors were started by Chloe Sims in part because she hinted at a young singer writing her when and asking for a date, but she did not believe it because she is a lot older than “him.”

This may not be a stretch of the imagination since Chloe Sims is a part of the British soap The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). Interestingly, the narrator of the show, Denise Van Outen, has been tweeted on a regular basis by Niall Horan’s Modest Golf Management manager, Mark McDonnell.

Could this turn into a double-date situation for Niall Horan, Mark McDonnell, Chloe Sims and Denise Van Outen?

Speaking of dating, Niall Horan also had some kind words for his One Direction band mate Liam Payne and his new girlfriend Cheryl. About their relationship, Niall Horan was quoted by Capital FM on June 8 stating the following.

“She’s a great girl, really fun. He’s a top man and one of my best friends. She seems happy, he’s happy, so I’m happy for them.”

Niall Horan also got to spend time with Louis Tomlinson’s new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, and they partied before the Soccer AID event on June 5 to watch Coldplay, according to UnReality TV.

Niall Horan wants a golfing girlfriend

Although there are still no official confirmations about Niall Horan’s new girlfriend, there is one way to be beloved by Niall and it involves golf. According to Gossie, Niall Horan wants younger women and girls to consider playing golf… and this message is meant for One Direction fans.

Will Niall Horan change golf forever by encouraging more girls/women to golf and will he attend the 2016 Rio Olympics for the golf events? Leave your opinions below.

[Picture by Alex Livesey/Stringer/Getty Images]