UFO Hunter ‘Discovers’ Alien Skull On Mars — Proof Of Ancient Humanoid Mars Civilization? [Video]

A UFO hunter has announced the latest bizarre “discovery” in the field of Mars anomaly research — a humanoid alien skull spotted in an image of Martian terrain captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

The discovery of an alien humanoid skull on the Red Planet by NASA’s Curiosity rover, according to UFO hunters, offers clinching evidence of advanced ancient humanoid civilization on Mars.

UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible announced the discovery in a video uploaded to YouTube on June 6. According to the prolific Mars anomaly hunter, the discovery was made in an image taken recently by Curiosity rover’s Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) on Sol 1352 (2016-05-26 05:16:25 UTC). The NASA image, according to Paranormal Crucible, who describes his YouTube channel as “Home Of The Bizarre,” shows a humanoid alien skull that resembles a “Sasquatch skull.”

Paranormal Crucible observes that the strange object “appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature.”

“Could it be the remains of a Sasquatch or a bizarre Martian creature?” the UFO hunter wonders.

According to UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, the object is evidently an ancient skull representing one of several alien species that thrived on Mars before Mars civilization was wiped out in a horrific nuclear holocaust millions of years ago.

The theory that ancient Mars civilization was wiped out in a nuclear holocaust is championed by Dr. John Brandenburg, theoretical plasma physicist and expert in propulsion technologies, who holds a PhD from the University of California at Davis.

He elaborated the strange theory in a controversial paper, titled, “Evidence of Massive Thermonuclear Explosions in Mars Past, The Cydonian Hypothesis and Fermi’s Paradox.”

Alien skull on Mars

The paper was first presented at the 2014 Annual Fall meeting of the American Physical Society, Prairie Section in Monmouth, Illinois.

He also presented the theory in March 2015, at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas, the Inquisitr reported.

He claimed there is evidence that two ancient Mars civilizations — Cydonia and the Utopia — were wiped out in a series of massive thermonuclear weapons explosions set off by hostile alien invaders.

Commenting further on the alleged discovery of an alien skull on Mars, UFO blogger Scott Waring notes that “the skull is big, about the same size as a human skull.”

“I don’t believe it is a helmet,” he adds. “A helmet would not have a perfectly formed nose area. Also the two ridges along one side are similar to ridges along bones found on Earth.”

Alien skulls

“The skull is big, about the same size as a human skull.”

Paranormal Crucible’s announcement of the discovery of a humanoid alien skull on Mars sparked lively discussions on multiple alien and UFO conspiracy theory forums.

Some alien hunters agreed with Waring and Paranormal Crucible that the object was likely an alien skull. But some insisted it was more likely an ancient military helmet.

A few who could not make up their minds suggested that NASA operators should move the rover closer to the object for a clearer view and maybe even use the rover’s robotic arm to tip it over.

“I believe it is a helmet; petrified of course,” an alien enthusiast said.

“We really need the rover to move over there and get a closer look,” another said, “even using the rover arm to tip it over to check it out would help.”

“It looks like a helmet to me,” a third commented in support of the first enthusiast.

“I would say it looks more like a skull than a helmet,” a fourth countered.

One enthusiast thought it “looks more like the head of a statue, rather than a skull. It reminds me of those old Greek style bronze statues where the eyes are hollow.”

But others found the evidence tantalizingly inconclusive.

“I don’t know how true this maybe, but it’s interesting none the less,” an enthusiast commented.

Uncertainty whether the object was a skull or a helmet and the unlikelihood of getting NASA to move Curiosity rover closer to inspect the object sparked protests and accusations of cover-up against NASA.

“We just want the truth! It’s not very hard?” a conspiracy theorist protested.

In the wacky world of Mars anomaly research, an alien skull is an unremarkable discovery.

Probably the wackiest discovery ever by Mars anomaly hunters was a live chicken on Mars (see footage above).

Less remarkable was the discovery of a fossil fish on Mars in April.

Intrepid UFO hunters have found hundreds of crashed alien flying saucers and drones on the Red Planet.

Others have found conifer-like trees growing on the Red Planet. One alien hunter found a “weaponized robotic machine” roaming the Martian surface earlier in the week.

Some time ago, a creative UFO hunter found an alien handgun left on Mars by a careless alien visitor.

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