Kevin Love For Game 3? No — Love To Return For Game 4 Of Warriors Vs. Cavs

On Twitter, the term “No Kevin Love” has made the top trending Twitter list, with nearly 2,000 tweets thus far. As seen in the above photo, the Cleveland Cavalier who is Love stayed on the floor for a short amount of time after getting hit in the back of the head.

Love suffered his head injury during the first half of Game 2 during the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors trounced the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland, California, on Sunday, June 5. Apparently, it was an injury that will keep Kevin away from Game 3 on Wednesday, June 8.

According to Marc Stein an NBA reporter for ESPN, Love did not receive the medical clearance that Kevin needed to play in Game 3. Love wanted to play on Wednesday, but his doctors said no.

“Kevin Love has been informed that he will not be medically cleared to play in Wednesday night’s Game 3, ESPN has learned. ESPN sources say Love has been lobbying hard for clearance to play Game 3 but has been told Friday’s Game 4 is the soonest he’ll be cleared.”

As reported by, Kevin suffered a concussion but was still able to practice with the Cavs on Wednesday morning, which is a good sign for Love’s state of health. However, perhaps it is out of an overabundance of caution for Kevin’s health that doctors told the 27-year-old Love to sit out one more game to ensure the gameplay would not harm his recovery.

Yet and still, Game 3 on Wednesday night is a very important game to miss, especially after the Cavs experienced a monumental loss on Sunday night to the Warriors. Down two games in the NBA Finals, the Cavs are experiencing the reactions from fans that would rather have Love on the floor of “The Q” Arena on Wednesday night.

Initially, when Love took an elbow to the back of his head from Harrison Barnes, a forward for the Warriors, it didn’t initially appear to be the type of action that would cause a concussion. In order to be cleared for play, Love must prove he is able to play basketball without showing any signs of a concussion.

With Love’s average of 16.5 points per game, Kevin is an integral part of the Cavs team. Love also leads the Cavs at nearly 10 rebounds in more than a dozen postseason games. But missing the NBA Finals isn’t anything new for Kevin, nor is suffering an injury during an important part of the postseason. In 2015, an injury to Kevin’s left shoulder, wherein Love dislocated the shoulder, meant that Kevin had to bow out of the NBA Finals and get surgery.

As expected, the reaction of many Cavs fans on social media finds them posting broken heart emojis or expressing other emotions in the wake of the news about Love missing Game 3. However, others are surprisingly writing that the Cavs might actually win on Wednesday without Kevin playing but sitting on the sidelines instead.

While some folks are writing that Love’s absence will give the Cavs fans an excuse for losing Game 3, others are noting that Kevin’s absence will give veterans like Richard Jefferson the chance to step up and prove his value even more.

A mixed bag of comments about Love are coming into social media, as seen below.

“In 38 minutes without Kevin Love on the floor in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers have been outscored by 32 points.”

“Honestly the are screwed without Kevin Love.”

“If the Cavs win without Kevin Love tonight, make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy. Because the takes are going to be deathly hot.”

“Maybe Kevin Love just doesn’t want to participate in the Playoffs? Ever consider that?”

“Kevin Love somewhere hoping the Cavs win but not by too much tonight.”

[Photo by AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez]