‘Street Fighter V’ DLC: June Update Brings Story Mode Details, New Characters, And More

Street Fighter V will be receiving a huge update, and Capcom is aiming to do right by its fans.

It appears that the June update for Street Fighter will bring the anticipated story mode that players have been anxiously waiting for. Alongside this, Capcom has revealed that multiple DLC (downloadable content) characters will be available to use throughout the story’s progression. While Ibuki is the latest character to be revealed through a trailer, the others have yet to make a public appearance. Urien, Balrog, and Juri were shown to be part of the first batch of Street Fighter V DLC characters.

In a report by Venture Beat, Capcom has changed how Balrog plays in Street Fighter V as opposed to Ultra Street Fighter IV. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas, a representative of Capcom who is also a legendary pro fighting game player, allowed some time for Venture Beat writer Stephen Kleckner to get his hands on the buffalo boxer. It didn’t take long to discover that Balrog was not his former self; his Buffalo Headbutt was not present, and his jab is different from what we knew in the previous installment. There’s no telling whether this is good or bad, as there wasn’t much information that Combofiend could divulge. According to Kleckner, Capcom couldn’t say much about Balrog’s change.

“A less jabby version,” Peter stated to Stephen. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

If you’ve played Ultra Street Fighter IV, then you’re aware that Balrog relies heavily on his jabs to counter opponents or apply pressure. To have changed this mechanic is to introduce a new boxer in Street Fighter V, but Capcom cannot confirm or deny what tools Balrog will receive to make up for the removal of one of his most reliable methods.

The other DLC characters in Street Fighter V that haven’t been released yet are complete mysteries. According to a report by Capcom Unity, the story for the game is called “A Shadow Falls”, and it revolves around M. Bison’s quest for ultimate power. Seven black moons are unleashed into the world, and each of them brings a destructive force that increases Bison’s overall strength. It’s up to the heroes to stop him, and there are sure to be cameos from newer characters along the way. The graphics are gorgeous, and the update is sure to bring bulk to Street Fighter V and the potential that more casual fans might be interested in.

Early play and experiences suggest that there will be more story than gameplay in Street Fighter V, leaving mixed feelings in regards to the content that will be available to players this month. Still, this is a great bulk of what was missing in the original game’s release. Unfortunately, the rest of the DLC characters won’t be available until later in the year. Perhaps this is why they will be available in story mode; Capcom wants to satisfy the players, but timing and schedules are most likely preventing them from the timing they’d originally promised.

Capcom has also decided to do away with “zenny,” the in-game currency system for Street Fighter V. Its original intent was to allow players to purchase items within the game using real money, but Capcom has stated that further testing has allowed them to do this by using the PlayStation and Steam store. Purchasing DLC characters will be as easy as spending fight money (the currency accrued by playing through various modes), or buying them from the PlayStation store.

How do you feel about the June update? Are you excited to get your hands on Balrog, Juri, and Urien? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Capcom]