Apparently Romney’s Aides Were Just As Confused By Eastwood’s Bizarre ‘Theater Of The Absurd’

The day after Clint Eastwood’s strange showing at the Republican National Convention, it has been reported that the Romney camp was as confused by the unscripted and “off-key” speech given by the Hollywood legend before the nominee took the stage.

Clint Eastwood’s ramblings blew up on Twitter, and prompted the hashtag #eastwooding, as well as a series of TwitPics of Twitter users arguing with furniture. But it wasn’t just the younger generations of Americans watching that didn’t quite know what to make of Eastwood’s speech — during which he also suggested several times the Invisible Commander-in-Chief vulgarly insulted the speaker and Romney — it seems Romney’s aides were similarly perplexed by the lengthy oration.

The New York Times explains that Romney’s aides were scrambling following the display to explain how Eastwood’s off-the-cuff remarks were able to slip through in what was, by many accounts, a strictly edited convention. (Ron Paul indicated that he declined to speak when he learned all his remarks would have to be approved by Romney before he took the stage.)

Per the Times, “finger-pointing quickly ensued” as reaction to Eastwood’s Invisible Obama bit began to roll in, and further, Romney was displeased that the actor’s appearance threw his schedule off-kilter. The paper quotes the actor’s remarks, during which he mused:

“’What do you mean, shut up?’ he said, continuing to talk to his imaginary companion. A moment later, he stopped again, saying, ‘What do you want me to tell Mr. Romney?’

“’I can’t tell him that. He can’t do that to himself,’ Mr. Eastwood said. ‘You’re getting as bad as Biden.’”

Among high-profile critics of the improvised, half-imaginary debate was comedian Chris Rock, who quipped on Twitter:

However, the paper also looks on the bright side, noting that while Eastwood’s speech may have confounded Romney aides, it also “offered a moment of improvisation in a convention that was otherwise surprise-free.”